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Blade of the Avatar Cloak

Blade of the Avatar Cloak
Blade of the Avatar Cloak icon.png
Durability: 100/100
Weight: 1
Value: Gold.png 0
Damage Resistance: 1
Damage Absorption: 0
Damage Avoidance: 0
Item Effects
+0% Magic Fizzle Chance

SotA BotA Cloak.jpg

If you loved the Blade of the Avatar symbol, then you’re especially going to love it adorning this beautifully crafted cloak!

Digital Purchase

Add-On Store
Name: Blade of the Avatar Cloak (digital)
Price: Unavailable, originally $15
Add-On Store pricing does not reflect sales. Some items are seasonal or limited and are listed for historical information. Availability not guaranteed.

This item was previously available to purchase as a digital add-on in the Shroud of the Avatar Store.

Previous AddOn.png

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