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Blood Bay

Blood Bay
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Blood Bay is an open PVP map located on an atoll in Spindrift Bay. At the ends of the arms of the atoll are two towns founded by brigands and buccaneers. However, one side hosts more virtuous adventurers, while the other hosts adventurers with slightly more colorful pasts, (there’s going to be a lot of fighting on this bridge).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]



  • Inspirations for Blood Bay include Buccaneer's Den and the Twin Montors.
  • Blood Bay is going to be an Open PVP area with two NPC towns, player housing, adventuring areas, and entrances to underground adventure areas. It is going to be a testing ground for several systems that will in turn propagate to other parts of the game if successful.
  • As part of our work on traps in Release 38, the tech for moving platforms was created. Players can now move on platforms for things like elevators, mine carts, etc. The first example is an airship patrol of Blood Bay.[8]

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