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BrightLocker Equity Crowdfunding

BrightLocker Equity Crowdfunding
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BrightLocker is a revolutionary platform that enables gamers to connect with their favorite developers and gain exclusive access and interaction as they make upcoming games.

BrightLocker is offering players the opportunity to invest through the power of Equity Crowdfunding (aka Title III) as part of their StartEngine campaign. In exchange, investors will receive shares of non-voting common stock, as well as Investor Perks.

It is advised that you consult a tax professional to fully understand any potential tax implications of receiving investor perks before making an investment.

Investor Perks[edit]

BrightLocker Equity Crowdfunding
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All investors get a unique Platform Badge worth +500 XP and the title "BRIGHTLOCKER INVESTOR" on their avatar!

In addition, the following Perks are offered at the $1,997+ investment Tier:

  • 2000 Gold and a free premium subscription for 4 months to 5 game developers' channels of your choice.
Plus BONUS - Digital artbook and soundtrack for innovative ‘living world’ FPS Scorn Part 1: Dasein.
Plus BONUS - DIGITAL COPY of popular game Scorn, and an EXCLUSIVE limited edition “Scorpio“ skin for the Inferno-RX ship in the unique first person shooter Descent: Underground.
Plus BONUS - EXCLUSIVE Golden House Bundle for popular MMO Shroud of the Avatar, including game access, the house itself, a deed for the related land. It’s a must have for fans of this fantastic MMO.

All investors at $2,000 and more get an additional EPIC Platform Badge worth +250 XP and the title "BRIGHTLOCKER EPIC INVESTOR" on their avatar!

To receive your Perk of free gold and free subscriptions, you must create an account on the BrightLocker platform using the same email address you use to invest on StartEngine. On the BrightLocker platform, Gold has a monetary value of $.10 USD. For example, a $500 investor would receive 500 Gold, which is equivalent to $50. Premium subscriptions vary from $9.99 to $14.99 or more, depending on the developer. (Neither Gold nor free subscriptions are redeemable for cash)

All Perks occur after the offering ends.

Extended Perks for Shroud of the Avatar[edit]

At the $1,997 investment tier or higher, in addition to the existing Perks of Gold and free premium subscriptions to game developer channels, you’ll also receive an exclusive new bundle for Richard Garriott’s popular MMO Shroud of the Avatar.

This bundle includes:

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