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Town Sieges

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Periodically, NPC towns will come under siege by the Obsidian Cabalists. The timing, duration, and location of these sieges will be driven by Celestial Mechanics. When you attempt to enter a town under siege, you will first enter the Town Siege scene where the enemy has made camp outside the town and is fighting the town defenders. You can choose to join the battle and end the siege early or work your way around the perimeter, perhaps encountering only some scouting parties.[1]

Anyone approaching a town in the overworld that is under siege will see a temporary “siege weapon” object (e.g. a catapult) next to the town. If you try to enter that town, you’ll instead be sent to a “siege encounter” scene. (As with roving encounters, your fellow party members will see a special icon in the overworld that they can use to join you in that siege encounter scene.)

The siege encounter appears according to a schedule and won’t leave until the schedule says it should (for example, it shows up at dusk and won’t leave until dawn).

You’ll spawn into the siege encounter on its edge near an enemy camp. Nearby is a central battlefield, where waves of enemies and allies clash again and again while also being assaulted by periodic catapult attacks. On the opposite side of the map, is a squad of allies, pinned down by enemy forces as they defend the only exit.

There are two obvious paths: The long way around includes a handful of low-threat enemy patrols, while barreling through the enemy camp and frontline will be quicker but far more dangerous. There’s a third option: Your allies need your help destroying the three catapults that keep them pinned down. Destroying the catapults and their high-threat siege engineers will draw out the greatest threat, the siege commander. If you can take out the siege commander, enemy reinforcements will stop coming and the siege will end.


  • Town sieges were originally announced during Kickstarter.[2] During town sieges, your house will be inaccessible during the siege if it's located in the town during the siege. These sieges may include PVP between players on the enemies side and the side of good but this has yet to be determined or announced.
  • The first encounter, a Forest Town Siege, went live in Release 37. The second, a Canyon Siege, was added for Release 38.[3]



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