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The wealthy lake town of Celestis lies in the Perennial Coast, near the edge of Midmaer. In Celestis you will find an outdoor theater, beautiful rock garden, and several hidden ‘easter eggs’ for you to find!

Housing Lots[edit]

Celestis Lot Details
Total Player Lots: 29
Inner City: Outer City: Water:
Row: 13 Row:
Village: 9 Village: Village:
Town: 5 Town: Town:
City: City: City: 2
Duke Keep: Duke Keep: Duke Keep:
LotM Castle: LotM Castle: LotM Castle:

Citizens (NPCs)[edit]




  • The terrain is heavily influenced by Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, while the cultural decor is influenced by feudal Japan. It will feature a new town center and harbor, several gardens including a rock garden, several koi fish ponds, and a Noh/Kabuki stage which can also double as a dance floor. There are also a few Easter-eggs throughout the scene which pay tribute to some of our favorite chambara (classic samurai films).[1]
  • This wealthy city in the Perennial Coast region was completely rebuilt in Release 43 to give it a unique appearance and at the same time make it match the Asian-inspired architectural, costume, and flora themes of the region. As with all unclones all locations of player housing, scene exits, major services, and NPC shops remain identical after the change.[2]




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