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Community:Every Virtue is Lasting

Guild Data
Name: Every Virtue is Lasting
Every Virtue is Lasting Arms
Established: 2015/12/30
Members: 120
PvP: Casual
Playstyle: PvE-PvX
Roleplay: Casual
Location: Virtue Oasis

Every Virtue is Lasting <EVL> is a diverse group of players interested in building a fun, fair, and democratic guild. We pride ourselves on the depth of our experience, skills, and the value we add to Shroud of the Avatar. We respect the virtues; enjoy sharing our knowledge, and gaming with like-minded guild mates and the community at large.

We embrace nearly all play styles and count among our members many of the most experienced and helpful players in Shroud of the Avatar. We participate in the following aspects of the game: crafting, PvE, PvP, events, and of course community outreach.

Our members interested in the Player-Vs-Player game style take to the battlefield in almost every conflict and welcome the opportunity to challenge other like-minded players.

Our members interested in the Player-Vs-Environment game style excel in building skills, teamwork, challenging the toughest the game can throw at them, and freeing the lands from hostile creatures.

Our crafters & gatherers work to hone their skills, build the arms and armor players need, and earn their living in a complex game market.

Our members are community leaders, helping new players find their way in these wicked lands, teaching those that are looking to learn, and participating in community events & outreach efforts.

Every Virtue is Lasting <EVL> as a guild wants every player to find the aspect of the game that best suits their skills and disposition. Looking for an active, friendly, helpful, and fair-minded guild? Then join us in Novia friend!

Join us in our Teamspeak, all are welcome! or find out more at

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