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Gustball is a organized sport in which players form two teams, and using the Air magic spell of Gust, attempt to move the ball into the opposing team's goal.


"The essence of Gustball: Two teams are pitted against each other in sporting event not dissimilar from soccer, football, and basketball. The object of the game is to gust a gustball around the field and into your opponent’s goal; the team that scores the most goals within two halves wins the match. In the event of a tie, the game is put into overtime and the very next goal decides the winner. Each half will last 15 minutes. Teams should have some type of uniform, at the least having common cloaks. Rules & guidelines will be posted in the latest release Event Forum."


  • No player should have a weapon in hand. (Including Staffs/Wands)
  • You may not use any spells outside the Gustball Deck.
  • The ONLY spells that may be used on the ball is Gust & Chaotic Backdraft!
  • The ONLY spells that may be used on other players is Gust, Chaotic Backdraft, and Tabula Rasa!
  • The ONLY spells that may be used on teammates is Healing Touch.
  • The ONLY spells that may be used on yourself is Healing Touch, Soul Tap, Blink, Sprint, Dash, Mind Lock & Mind Wipe.
  • No consumables allowed.
  • You may not attack (damage) any players! The occasional auto-attack is acceptable, it happens.
  • All players must begin on their mat.
  • A player that steps out of arena boundaries will turn the ball over to the opposing team.
  • If the ball leaves the field boundaries, this will result in a gust-in or gust-off.
  • The team that performs a gust-in/gust-off shall be determined by which side of the field it was knocked out on. (Not by which team knocked it out)
  • There will will be (1) time-out allowed per team per half.
  • Teams may have more than 3 members.
  • Substitutions may be made by teams. A substitution may be made on the fly, at any given time. Only one teammate may be substituted at a time. The player coming off the field must be out of the arena before the substitute player comes onto the field.
  • Breaking small rules may result in a yellow card.
  • Standing off the mat after countdown.
  • Gusting before the countdown.
  • Damaging another player with anything besides auto-attack.
  • Using any type of Consumable.
  • Getting outside the arena to gust.
  • Stalling of the game.
  • Too many players on the field.
  • Stepping out of bounds.
  • Jumping on a fence to gust.
  • Jumping outside a fence to gust.
  • Killing yourself. (2x Yellow Cards)
  • Breaking a major rule, will result in a red card. One of these may result in you being kicked out of the game!
  • Killing someone
  • Use of bugs or exploits.
  • (3) yellow cards result in a red card!
  • If you are being disruptive or if you cause outside interference you will be banned from the arena completely!
  • Please refrain from spamming or disrupting the flow of the event.
  • Absolutely no bugs or exploits will be tolerated!

The Referee will have final say on any type of rulings!

Recommended Gustball Deck

- Gust
- Juxtapose
- Mind Lock
- Mind Wipe
- Dash
- Sprint
- Tap Soul
- Healing Touch
- Tabula Rasa
- Blink


  • Port Phoenix Firehawks
  • 4Ball
  • The Order of Drunken Elders
  • The Old Blow Hards
  • The Born Losers (Portalarium Devs)


Release 17[edit]

With the launch of PaxLair in Release 17, community member Bambino orchestrated a rather unique event entitled “Gustball”. The tournament took place in the PaxLair Arena Basement. Here is the video broadcast from NBNN:

Release 18[edit]

With the launch of Release 18, the Gustball event was held at Firehawk Field, a specially designed Gustball Arena in the new player town of Vengeance. Check out this video broadcast from NBNN, and a full-length video from Jack Frost:


Release 19[edit]

For Release 19, Portalarium created an actual Gustball (relieving an avatar from having to play the role of “The Ball”). Additionally, with the release of the Chaos spell of Juxtapose, the use of Chaotic Backdraft has been added. Gustball tournaments were held at Firehawk Field in the new player town of Port Phoenix.

Release 21[edit]

During the End of Summer Telethon of the Avatar, the players and developers competed in a Gustball game. The Firehawks defeated the Born Losers (devs) in the first game (1-0), but 4B lost to the Born Losers in the second match (0-1).

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