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Community:Knightmare Falls

Town Data
Name: Knightmare Falls
Leader: Sebastian Graynight
Commander: Daemoh Obscura
Established: 2016/11
Biome: Forest 01c
Size: 83400 m2
Avatars: 15
NPCs: Unknown
PvP: Player Select
Roleplay: Casual
Location: Regalis
Coordinates: 73.3, 18.7, 240.6
Knightmare Falls
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Knightmare Falls is a player town located in Regalis a few steps from Serpent Spine Foothills.

My Lord Governor;

I regret to inform you that the excavation of the ruins surrounding Sorrow Hill has stalled. With the loss of your chief foreman and the unexplained disappearances of multiple workers, we simply cannot pay the people enough to remain on site to complete the excavation. At this time, we have locked the tower and halted all efforts. If I were in your place, I would be praying to the Titans that whatever we disturbed down there doesn't decide to wake up.

The town of Knightmare Falls, located north of Brittany (Three steps south of Serpent Spine Foothills), is a community with a secret. None of the current residents, those of this world, will speak about what lies atop the mountain known as Sorrow Hill. A large tower, untouched by the ravages of time sits upon the mountain side, surrounded by ruins of a once thriving village. Though the Governor had once insisted on excavating the ruins and discovering the secrets, he has since given up hope. Too many have simply vanished to continue working at this time.

We are a light-rp story driven town. This doesn't mean you have to join the story, but you can if you want. Or try to figure out the mystery for yourself. The excavators have certainly left enough notes lying around everywhere (And I know for a fact the Governor doesn't lock his office).


  • Location (approx) - Novia (Novia) Loc: (73.3, 18.7, 240.6)
  • Player Lots - 109 total, 82 available or reserved (Please inquire if interested in a reserved lot, reserved is the default setting) (All sizes, including water lots. More available upon request)
  • Room for Expansion - Yes
  • Guild Halls allowed - Yes
  • NPCs - 21
  • Player Vendors - Yes
  • Devotionals - 4; Compassion, Sacrifice, Love, Valor


  • Crafting Pavilion with full amenities in both the Main Square and Knightmare Estates Square (on keep lot)
  • Gabriel's Garden - A Place to relax and enjoy
  • Administration Office - Stop by and talk to the Governor or his stewards
  • Oracle - Oracle Confirmatory located both in Main Square and Knightmare Estates
  • Sorrow Hill - As the Governor finds workers to excavate, more of this area will become available (under construction due to changes to Main Square)
  • Bulletin Board on Governor's mansion listing Devotionals and Player Vendors


The town is broken into multiple areas. Each section contains at minimum a banker, with other vendors nearby for all your needs. There are no fees or screening for claiming an unclaimed lot in the town. There may be some restrictions for reserved lots (See: Knightmare Estates)

  • Main Square - Row, Village, Town and City lots available. No restrictions on House types
  • The Docks - Row, Village and Town lots available. No restrictions on House types
  • Knightmare Estates - For the finer things in life. Row, Village, Town and City lots available. Restrictions on house types apply, contact Daemoh Obscura (all lots held in "reserved" status for this location due to house restrictions)

If you see a place that says reserved, ask. (The default setting when placing a lot marker is "reserved", so it could just be an oversight, or it could be Knightmare Estates.)

Found an empty spot that you want to place your house? You and your friends want a little section to yourselves off the beaten path? Talk to the Governor and we may accommodate. (Some places are off limits to housing, like the top of Sorrow Hill.)

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