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Community:Order of Vengeance

Guild Data
Name: Order of Vengeance
Order of Vengeance Arms
Established: 2013/12/12
Members: 39
PvP: Anti-PK
Playstyle: RP-PvX
Roleplay: Casual
Location: Community:Vengeance

Order of Vengeance is a guild that is based around the thought of virtues and steadfast gameplay. Our founding leaders, Lukashka, Sciamano, and Violation Clauth were all co Guild Masters and have played both UO and WoW together for years. Our current Guild Masters are Lorimus (courage), Eternal Knightmen (love), and Violation Clauth (truth). We will cycle all GMs in and out of their roles over time.

Guild Structure

Order of Vengeance is a bit different than many of the other guilds you will find because we are founded from longstanding friends and gamers who have known each other for years. We do collect new members in each game and find ourselves growing at a slow pace. With that in mind, we do not have a single leader. We operate with a group of leaders to leverage on to run the Guild. Instead, we have a communal leadership that operates within a singular vision of keeping game play unique and enjoyable for each member. If you have a specific game play style you are usually welcome within our ranks and can play how you want while you're here. The only separations found within our ranks are Leaders (three equal partners) and members (those who have proven they fit well).

Guild Leaders

Our leaders will be the embodiment of a virtue whenever possible. We fill each person to the qualifier of the virtue that has a vacant seat. We find all the virtues important and having someone who can champion that virtue is imperative to a well balanced guild. Below is the record and account of the leaders of our guild since it's formation:

  • Courage
    • Sciamano (Honorable Discharge)
    • Violation Clauth (Honorable Discharge)
    • Arkah EMPstrike (Honorable Discharge)
    • Violation Clauth (Current Guild Master)
  • Love
    • Violation Clauth (Honorable Discharge)
    • William Serenite (Dishonorable Discharge)
    • Eternal Knightmen (Current Guild Master)
  • Truth
    • Lukashka (Honorable Discharge)
    • Lorimus (Current Guild Master)

Application Process

If you want to join just contact one of us and let us know a bit about yourself. We can be accepting of a wide array of gamers but usually attract only the mature audience as many of our members are of the parenting age or have full grown kids already. We do require an in-game trial process that you go through to verify what you say is true before you are eligible to be a member.

Guild Principles

  1. No Incitement of Drama
    1. Drama happens, we just don't like it. If you are found causing drama on a regular basis a conversation will be had and if you are not a good fit we may find an allied guild that is.
  2. No Aggressive-Combative Exploits
    1. If you find a griefer who is exploiting to kill someone we do not believe it is an issue to use their exploit against them. Be sure you properly document the situation to be sure you are not held accountable for any grief.
  3. Report All Bugs to Developers
    1. We want this game to be a success! The best way to get there is for everyone to inform developers when and where there are issues.

Royal Warrant

By Appointment of Lord British, Order of Vengeance is recognized for their contributions to combat and pvp with their tournaments they've held on a weekly basis since PvP was enabled in Shroud of the Avatar. This is the first Royal Warrant that was awarded to an establishment for anything related to combat or player vs player behaviour. This was awarded on December 1st of 2014 and was accepted by guild master Violation.

Guild Activities

  • PvP (Anti-PK usually)
  • Merchant/Vendor Services
  • Transportation Guards for Hire (Pay us to keep you safe while you play)
  • Crafting (You need it? We can make it!)
  • Public Event Hosting (Details TBA)

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