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Community:PaxLair/Work Sessions

The PaxLair Work Sessions are designed as regular times where people can get together regarding PaxLair. These are planned to occur before and after Public Release of Shroud of the Avatar.

The work sessions are scheduled and announced on the Avatars Circle Events Calendar.

General Introduction[edit]

This is the general introduction for the work sessions. This is linked in the IRC chat channel to save time for the introductory statements.

  • Our Work Session runs at least from 9 AM Central US time to 1 PM which is the same as 1400-1800 UTC.
  • Everyone does not need to be here that entire time, and people can come and go of course.
  • The Work Session combines chat discussions and TS3 voice discussions to help get to know PaxLair and each other. It also helps us build PaxLair.
  • This weekly time is where we can regularly gather together and new people can find us. Since we are world-wide, we could do this 2 times per week if there is enough interest from around the globe.
  • During the Work Session, we can talk about ideas and do Q&A. There may be side discussions at times. There may be silence at times while we work on web pages, forums, calendars, wiki pages, spreadsheets, and more.
  • When there is a SotA Release, we will also be in game.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the IRC chat log will be copied, probably cleaned up for typos, and posted to the PaxLair SotA Thread here:

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