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Community:PaxLair Citizens

Guild Data
Name: PaxLair Citizens
PaxLair Citizens Arms
Established: 2013/12/12
Members: 30
PvP: Unknown
Playstyle: Unknown
Roleplay: Immersive
Location: PaxLair

PaxLair Citizens Guild is a leadership, veterans, and general membership guild for the PaxLair player town. This guild is also the Alliance Leader for PaxLair citizen-guilds, ally-guilds, and friend-guilds.

PaxLair itself is a town, not a guild. So PaxLair Guild is only one of many guilds that are citizens, allies, residents, or friends of PaxLair. When the name PaxLair is used by itself, it refers to the PaxLair town. This guild is referred to as the PaxLair Citizens Guild. Other guilds may belong to PaxLair and not need to use the name PaxLair in their guild names.

Guild Structure[edit]

PaxLair Citizens Guild is led by the Governor of PaxLair or the Mayor of PaxLair. The guild may contain any number of people of PaxLair, to include at least leaders, shop owners, and general citizens. However, any other guild can also have PaxLair leaders, shop owners, and citizens since PaxLair is a city, not a guild.

Guild Membership[edit]

The guild leadership is responsible for keeping things flowing smoothly inside the guild and with other guilds.

Note: the following list is used for Pre-Alpha testing purposes ... all people are not necessarily a Citizen of PaxLair. Guild tags were first enabled in Release 12 using code similar to the "friends" code, meaning anyone can join someone's guild.

Guild Activities[edit]

Members of the PaxLair Citizens Guild can participate in any number of activities, and also make up their own.

  • Participate in PaxLair town planning and operation
  • Defend PaxLair
  • Help new people
  • Go on many adventures, events, and quests
  • Create many adventures, events, and quests
  • Craft and sell great items
  • Write books, plays, and songs
  • Run a library, theater, or pub
  • Help with diplomacy
  • Write and report news
  • Become the judge
  • Much more!


The PaxLair Citizens Guild is marked as an immersive role-playing guild, but we are really more casual to immersive. Members are not required to role-play. Confused? We welcome all types of people with a goal to help make PaxLair a full realistic town within New Britannia. This is presumably best accomplished through immersion, a bit like going to a Renaissance Festival. Therefore, people should try to do things from their character's point of view as much as possible. There will be some guild members who will always role-play and never break character. Others may be not be in character that much. We respect both play-styles while leaning towards the immersive play-style.

Application Process[edit]

If you want to join the PaxLair Citizens Guild, please be patient. We don't have applications. People may join PaxLair Citizens Guild by becoming involved in PaxLair or with PaxLair's citizenry. The Guild Leader and his deputies will decide who may join the PaxLair Citizens Guild.

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