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Community:PaxLair Guards

Guild Data
Name: PaxLair Guards
PaxLair Guards Arms
Established: 2014/07/24
Members: 0
PvP: Anti-PK
Playstyle: Unknown
Roleplay: Casual
Location: PaxLair
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The PaxLair Guards are a combat guild of the town of PaxLair. Its purpose is to protect the town and interests of PaxLair. This means, the Guards will conduct defensive and offensive military operations as necessary.

Guild Structure[edit]

PaxLair Guild is led by the Captain of the Guard who is appointed by the Mayor of PaxLair. The guild may contain permanent guards and enlist additional guards for a short duration if needed in times of conflict or war.

Current Guild Leadership[edit]

The guild leadership is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping the Guards. The leader also ensures proper operational and tactical plans are made for combat situations.

  • Leader: TBD

Guild Activities[edit]

Members of the PaxLair Guild can participate in any number of activities, and also make up their own.

  • Defend PaxLair and its interests
  • More...

Combat Type[edit]

The PaxLair Guards are marked as an Anti-PK guild. The guards only kill when there is a purpose. The Captain will issue combat orders to the Guards that support the Mayor of PaxLair's overarching guidance for military operations.

(more to come)


The PaxLair Guards are marked as a Casual role-playing guild. This means all actions do not need to be "in character" but the overall essence of the Guards is to achieve an outcome that is realistic.

Application Process[edit]

If you want to join the PaxLair Guards, please be patient. We don't have applications. People may join PaxLair Guard by becoming involved in PaxLair or with PaxLair's citizenry. The Captain of the Guard and his Lieutenants will decide who may join the PaxLair Guards.

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