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Community:Phoenix Republic

The Phoenix Republic is an alliance of many towns and many guilds as well as other private citizens, businesses and civil groups which have banded together to form a self-governing nation within the realm of New Britannia. Each town within the Republic is independently governed, but the Republic exists as a layer over the towns that each town contributes to in order to ensure the mutual support for all towns in the realm of the Republic. The Republic's ministries and offices help advise and direct important topics such as culture, events, justice and commerce within the towns.

But more importantly, the Phoenix Republic is a family. We exist as a close knit group tied together both in game and out of game that does whatever we can to support each other in whatever they need. We are neighbors, we are best friends ... and we are family. Applying is easy: We simply seek good people whom get along well with the other members and do not seek to cause trouble either to our group or anyone else.

The Republic consists of Port Phoenix, Malum Immortui, and Phoenix Fields, The Drowned Mountains, Sparrowfall, Jade Valley, Silverhold, Iron Gate, Diamond Fields, Bearskin Grotto, Siren Song Bayou.

It is also the originator of the New Britannian Postal Service

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