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Community:Player support index

This Support Index provides game and community links to various libraries, resources, and guides. The goal of this page is to be a good starting point for new players and veterans seeking help and information to play SotA. The community may add more links as desired in the spirit of helping people play SotA. Please indicate if a link contains "spoilers".

Guide Libraries[edit]



  • Avatars Circle Calendar : Multiple time zones, many different communities post their events.
  • SotA Events : Multiple communities entering calendar information for events. (on

Internet Radio[edit]

Fansites for Information[edit]

Help Guides[edit]

Specialized Content[edit]

  • SotA Map : High-res world map with NPC and Player Run/Owned Towns. Forum support thread
  • Role-Players of the Avatar : a social environment featuring a robust RP database which allows SOTA role-players a vehicle to connect with other like-minded individuals.
  • SotA Crafter : a crafting recipe system to select items and generate a shopping list. Very powerful. by Trenyc



  • RizeUpGaming : "Rize Up Gaming is a community of gamers and streamers who have come together to entertain viewers while promoting tolerance, opposing discrimination and prejudice, and creating healthier communities for future gamers." In SotA, Rize Up Gaming hosts various charity drives, streams live events, and has many players in communities.


Getting Started[edit]


Books and Publishing[edit]

  • Basic Publishing Guide - Publishing your own books in game is a great feature that has many uses and is quite easy to do. To publish books in game you will first need one or more blank books. These can be purchased from book dealer NPC merchants or player crafted...

Player Owned Towns[edit]


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