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Community:Poets' Circle


The Poets' Circle is the guild for bards in Shroud of the Avatar, and features Grandmaster Holt Ironfell, Guild Master Jarrod Kailef, Master Bard Denis Loubet, Master Bard Richard Daskas, Master Bard Sharm, Peter Boiko, the Space Bards and many others. However, they are also dedicated to making music for the game, as well as in the game. In fact, almost every song in the Shroud of the Avatar soundtrack was written by a member of this guild. The Poets' Circle was also the first group to be awarded a Royal Warrant, and their ranks include several recipients of the Order of the New Britannian Empire. The Poets' Circle has been featured on Portalarium's Community Spotlight[1].


  • Because it is a plural noun, it is spelled Poets' Circle, not Poet's Circle.

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