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Community:Relics by Rild/DarkStarr Medallion of Chaos

DarkStarr Medallion of Chaos
Chaos Medal1.jpg

Followers and admirers of DarkStarr display his sigil to mark their allegiance to the philosophy of New Britannia's Rogue Prince. In dim temples and darkened pubs throughout the Land, a keen ear can hear whispers of a mysterious and paradoxical Order of Chaos. In true Chaotic fashion, DarkStarr has proclaimed that prospective members observe a rite of self-initiation, and award such honors to themselves.

This brilliant medal has been created by Sir Frank on special request, for the servants of Chaos. So dedicate your heart as a bastion of Chaos and let your rebel yell echo to the eight directions!


Relics by Rild
Name: DarkStarr Medallion of Chaos
Price: $40
Pricing does not reflect sales. Some items are seasonal or limited and are listed for historical information. Availability not guaranteed.

This item is a licensed Shroud of the Avatar product sold at Relics by Rild.

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