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Crafting Skills
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There are three main categories of Crafting and 16 professions.

Crafting Dependencies[edit]

Each Gathering skill supplies one or more Refining Skill, which supplies one or more Production skill.

Gathering Dependencies[edit]

Refining Dependencies[edit]

Production Skills[edit]

The production skills focus on the following item types in game (note - crafting is still in development):

  • Alchemy - Potions, Scrolls, Enchantments, Poisons (Debuffs)
  • Blacksmithing - Mechanical Objects (clocks, lanterns, lamps, etc), Jewelry, Bladed Weapons, Arrows, Chain Armor, Plate Armor
  • Carpentry - Wooden Tools, Ranged Weapons, Combat weapon components, Furniture, Musical Instruments
  • Cooking - Baked Goods, Alcohol, Cheese, Stews, Soups, etc. (provides buffs)
  • Tailoring - Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Clothing (cosmetic), Bandages, Rugs & Tapestries, Linens.

The Crafting Sigil[edit]

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There are four rings of Crafting Sigil. From outermost in:

Runic Translation[edit]

Outermost Ring - The Crafting Creed[edit]

Starting at the One O'Clock and moving around clockwise, the runic reads:
"Craftsmanship is Earned ~ Honed through Practice ~ Attebtion to Detail ~ Elegant and Functional ~ Refined and Durable"
Note: The word Attention is spelled wrong in the runic original (likely a simple overlooked typo).

Second Ring - Production[edit]

Starting at the 12 O'Clock and moving around clockwise, the runic reads:
"Blacksmithing ~ Carpentry ~ Tailoring ~ Alchemy ~ Cooking"

Third Ring - Refining[edit]

Starting at the 12 O'Clock and moving around counter-clockwise, the runic reads:
"Smelting ~ Butchery ~ Tanning ~ Textiles ~ Milling"

Innermost Ring - Gathering[edit]

Starting at the 12 O'Clock and moving around clockwise, the runic reads: "Mining ~ Lumberjack ~ Agriculture ~ Field Dressing ~ Forage"
Note: Lumberjack on the sigil has been changed to Forestry in-game, and Forage on the sigil has been changed to Foraging in-game.

References[edit] (outdated - Agriculture moved to Refining; added Fishing)

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