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Community:Crafting Guide

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Welcome to the R3 Shroud of the Avatar Crafting Guide! (will be updated to R3 after release)

Getting started you will want to familiarize yourself with some of the basics.

Crafting is done when you take elements and tools and place them on a Crafting Station to create items. Crafting recipes are exact so you must not place more than the allotted number of elements to achieve the desired product!

Many of the resources in the game are found in the Owl's Head crafting pavilion inside of chests placed between the tables.

Additional resources can be purchased from Handac (Chunk of Salt, Lantern Globe, Bow String, Chest Mechanism, Stag Head, Wax, Chunk of Coal)

Example: Chair cannot be crafted with 2x Wooden Pole on the table.

  • Splitting the stack can be done by "Drag and Drop" method.
  • Taking the top item (one at a time) is done by holding down control "Drag and Drop" method.
  • Taking the entire stack (all at once) is done by holding shift and the "Drag and Drop" method.

Once you have all of the resources on the table and your crafting tool (if needed) then click the CRAFT button centered at the bottom of the table to create the product.

The small yellow arrow at the top of the table (near the X) will send all items from the table back to your inventory.

After you learn a recipe you can open the Crafting Journal "R" to utilize the "Auto Place" and "Auto Replace" features by double clicking on the known recipe.


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