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Focus Skills

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This article is about a skill tree. For other uses, see Focus (disambiguation).

Focus Skills icon.png Focus Skills: Modify deck mechanics[1]. In lore and dialogue, this magic school may be referred to as Omnipotence.

"The leading student of magical focus, Deborah, is in the Hidden Vale, in the city of Owl's Head there. She is known to be fond of moon towers..."

Focus Skill Tree
Heightened AwarenessMind WipeTrain IntelligenceQuick SwappingMind LockInner CalmFollow ThroughTranquilityAetheric FeedbackSpellbinder StanceSotA Focus Tree.png
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Aetheric Feedback icon.pngAetheric Feedback Aetheric grants a bonus to max focus when cast. When used immediately after landing a critical hit with a spell on a target, it also adds a large amount of focus regeneration
Mind Lock icon.pngMind Lock Extends the life of all glyphs that are currently in your hand. This spell cannot fizzle
Mind Wipe icon.pngMind Wipe Discards all of your glyphs and deals you a full hand. This spell cannot fizzle
Spellbinder Stance icon.pngSpellbinder Stance Increases the casters magic casting abilities resulting in reduced casting times and increased focus recovery at the expense of physical defense. The stance is broken by movement
Follow Through icon.pngFollow Through Decreases the fizzle chance of all glyphs
Heightened Awareness icon.pngHeightened Awareness Increases your maximum focus
Inner Calm icon.pngInner Calm Decreases the focus cost of all glyphs
Quick Swapping icon.pngQuick Swapping Decrease the focus cost of swapping decks during combat
Train Intelligence icon.pngTrain Intelligence Increases Intelligence
Tranquility icon.pngTranquility Increases the player's ability to remain calm and continue casting even when hit

External Reference[edit]

Master Location[edit]

The focus master can be found in Owl's head in the Hidden vale. Check out SotaMap[1] for direct location


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