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Grand Tour

Grand Tour
Location: Soltown
NPCs: Tour Guide
Reward: Pilgrim Bonnet
(Varies by release)
Related Quests: Grand Tour in Previous Releases

The Grand Tour is a quest available in Pre-Alpha, designed to test the quest system as well as get players to travel between the various locations in the game.

Information about the Grand Tour in previous versions is available on the History page.

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Release 25 Grand Tour[edit]

Grand Tour (Release 25)

To begin the Grand Tour, speak with the Tour Guide. He can be found in:


Envyco Gaming has provided a R25 Tour Guide Quest Walkthrough video

Release 24 Grand Tour[edit]

Grand Tour (Release 24)
Journal Grand Tour R24.png

To begin the Grand Tour, speak with the Tour Guide. He seems to be missing from the usual starting area of Soltown, but you can find him nearby in Hometown.

Good day, avatar! I offer a special reward for travelling around our fair land! Simply find me in the following locations - Hometown, Etceter, Nightshade Pass, Brittany Graveyard, and Mariah Overlook! Isn't it grand? If you can find me and speak to me in ALL of these places, I will gift a SPECIAL REWARD that can only be earned this month! I can also update you on your progress if you wish.
I added this to my journal.

Additional responses by the Tour Guide:

Keyword Spoiler
  • Name
  • Special Reward
  • Hometown

  • Etceter
  • Nightshade Pass
  • Brittany Graveyard

  • Mariah Overlook
Quest/Output Overview:
  • My primary designation is SLT-10101. Thank you for your inquiry.
  • This month's reward is a stylish Pilgrim's Bonnet! Be the envy of all your friends - at least the ones who haven't completed the Grand Tour this month!
  • Hometown is an island run by the Novia Grand Tours Agency and Realty Company! (Marcus Gorn, proprietor.) Its star attraction, the Parade of Homes is a showplace for all the finest architecture available to settlers of our fair continent, many of whom are outlanders just like yourself! You can find Hometown (and you should!) on a small island just east of Soltown, off the coast.
  • Etceter is a city on the northern coast of Quel, west of the Perennial Coast. Many people journey there to gain passage to Elysium and Xenos!
  • Nightshade Pass is the pass between the Blackblade mountains and the Serpent's Spine, roughly in the center of Novia, east of Paladis. The Obsidian fortress of Hilt can be found there!
  • The Brittany Graveyard is just outside of Brittany, the largest city of Novia on the north central coast! It is not actually used by the residents of Brittany, but where the first group of outlanders from an age past are interred. You can talk to the groundskeeper to learn more about this curious place!
  • Mariah Overlook can be found near Vertas, in the Mariah Mountains! It once hosted a mummer's festival, but alas, the Amphitheater remains silent...

The Tour Guide can be found in the following locations:

Quest Spoiler
  • Hometown
  • Etceter
  • Nightshade Pass
  • Brittany Graveyard
  • Mariah Overlook
  • Area: Hometown (POT_island_metropolis_01_template) Loc: (23.8, 72.1, -114.5)
  • Area: Etceter (Novia_R2_City_Etceter) Loc: (69.5, 23.7, -43.7)
  • Area: Nightshade Pass (Novia_R3_Hills02_Hilt_Exterior) Loc: (-11.7, 19.0, 15.3)
  • Area: Brittany Graveyard (Novia_R3_City_Brittany_Graveyard) Loc: (-131.4, 28.0, 7.5)
  • Area: Mariah Overlook (Novia_R8_Alpine01_01_Mariah_Overlook) Loc: (153.6, 65.8, -161.2)
You've completed the Grand Tour! The Pilgrim Bonnet shall be yours! Congratulations!
A reward has been added to your account!
I wrote this news in my jounal.
You received Virtue Pilgrim Bonnet from Tour Guide


Pilgrim Bonnet
SotA R24 GrandTourReward PilgrimBonnet.jpg

Players who complete the Grand Tour are flagged to receive a Pilgrim Bonnet.


  • The designation of the guides are: Hometown is HOM-10101, Etceter is TSE-1221, Nightshade Pass is SMT-2017, Brittany Graveyard is SFT-1221, and Mariah Overlook is WFY-1221.


Envyco Gaming has provided a R24 Tour Guide Quest Walkthrough video

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