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Healing Blast

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Healing Blast
Lastseen: R45

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Skill: Life Magic Glyph
Type: Active
Focus Cost: 18
Execution Time: 3 Seconds
Prerequisite Skills: Healing Grace (Level 40)
Reagents: Black Pearl x 3; Garlic x 1; Mandrake Root x 2; Spider Silk x 2
Learned From: Skills Trainer
Very powerful ranged healing spell that is only usable on others and gains a bonus based on the time since the caster harmed any target.


Range: 20
Cooldown: 16 seconds
20% Chance to consume reagents
Recover 34 - 59 Health
(effect increases with skill)


  • This spell was added in Release 44:
    R44 introduces a new high-tier healing spell in the Life tree, Healing Blast. This powerful healing spell (roughly 4x the power of Healing Ray), can only be cast on others, and is designed for dedicated healers.[1]


  1. Release 44 Instructions

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