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Have you ever wanted to own an entire scene? Now you can! A Holdfast is a small holding that can secure up to 12,600m2 of player lots.

Digital Purchase

Add-On Store
Name: Player Owned Holdfast
Price: $750
Add-On Store pricing does not reflect sales. Some items are seasonal or limited and are listed for historical information. Availability not guaranteed.

You can help support the development of Shroud of the Avatar by purchasing this in-game item as a digital add-on in the Shroud of the Avatar Store.

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  • A design session with the Dev Team to define details including:
  • Name of Town
  • Location: Roughly which quadrant of the map. (Exact hex will be determined by Portalarium, Inc.)
  • Biome: Forest, Mountains, Grasslands, Swamp, etc.
  • NPC Building Definition (inn, smithy, etc.)
  • NPC names and stories
  • Lot Selection: Determine which lots of which size you want. For example at this size:
  • 21 Village Lots
  • 5 Village Lots + 1 Castle Lot
  • 20 Row Lots + 1 Castle Lot
  • 13 Village Lots + 1 Keep
  • 13 Village Lots + 4 Town Lots
  • etc.
  • Keys to Locked Lots:
  • Keys equal to the number of lots chosen
  • Owner of the keys can lock and unlock lots at will so they can actively control who gets to live there
  • The key owner can evict an occupant and lock the lot using the key
  • Players will still need lot deeds to claim the lots once the town owner unlocks the lots
  • Central Square with 1 NPC owned building
  • 1 Add On Store House

Note that Player run towns do not include the lot deeds There will be a path to achieve this in game via in game gold purchase but the ownership of the scene will incur a rental fee

External Objects 40
External Lights 10
External Containers 1
NPCs 2
NPC Buildings 1
Square Footage 12600

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