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Kas Ruins

Kas Ruins
Difficulty: Zonetier.pngZonetier.pngZonetier.pngZonetier.pngZonetier.png
Location: Novia
First Seen: Episode 1

The Kas Ruins are located in North Paladis along the Tears River set against jagged mountains. It is on one of these peaks where the ruins of an ancient Paladin Fort lie.

The Kas Ruins are one of the six ruined cities found in Novia that date back to the period in Novian history in which the Obsidian Order rose to power. (As described in the Sword of Midras prequel novel by Tracy Hickman and Richard Garriott). The exact history of some of these cities has been lost to time, but it is rumored that some of them may have been abandoned even before the rise of the Obsidians. Kas is the site of the ruins of an ancient Paladin fort high atop a mountainside. At the foot of the mountain is an abandoned village with a small graveyard. The entire area has become overrun by the undead.[1][2]




  • Kas started as a clone of the Opalis Ruins, but is getting completely rebuilt for Release 41 to have a unique layout and visuals. Like all the other Ruins and Shardfalls, this is an Open PVP area that focuses on interesting setups for PVP conflict, with plenty of space for hiding, escaping, ambushing, and skirmishing.
  • Inspiration for the backdrop came from the Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountains of the American West.



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