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Light Armor school

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Light Armor school icon.png The Light Armor skill uses Cloth and Leather Armor and has the least amount of focus or movement penalties. Best for stealth and magic. Also is least expensive armor to maintain.

"Natalia of Solania is whom many rogues have learned from in how best to perform in light armor. She lives above the local blacksmith."

Light Armor Skill Tree
DodgeEvasionEscapeSwiftnessFlurrySprintAcrobaticsSotA LightArmor Tree.png
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Dodge icon.pngDodge Increases chance to avoid damage from multiple hits for the duration of its use
Escape icon.pngEscape Decreases aggro on player
Tumble icon.pngEvasion Increases avoidance
Flurry icon.pngFlurry Increases attack speed
Sprint icon.pngSprint Increases movement speed
Acrobatics icon.pngAcrobatics Increases damage resistance and Sprint movement effects
Swiftness icon.pngSwiftness Increases movement and attack speed

Related Items

The following items use the Light Armor school skill:

Icon Item
Augmented Leather Chest Quarter-Armor icon.png Augmented Leather Chest Quarter-Armor
Autumn Fairy Crown icon.png Autumn Fairy Crown
Autumn Fairy Dress icon.png Autumn Fairy Dress
Autumn Fairy Hands icon.png Autumn Fairy Hands
Autumn Fairy Legs icon.png Autumn Fairy Legs
Autumn Fairy Wings icon.png Autumn Fairy Wings
Leather Boots.png Boots of Skulking
Cabalist Avara Hood icon.png Cabalist Avara Hood
Cabalist Corpus Hood icon.png Cabalist Corpus Hood
Cabalist Dolus Hood icon.png Cabalist Dolus Hood
Cabalist Fastus Hood icon.png Cabalist Fastus Hood
Cabalist Indigno Hood icon.png Cabalist Indigno Hood
Cabalist Nefario Hood icon.png Cabalist Nefario Hood
Cabalist Nefas Hood icon.png Cabalist Nefas Hood
Cabalist Temna Hood icon.png Cabalist Temna Hood
Elven Archer Boots icon.png Elven Archer Boots
Elven Archer Chest Armor icon.png Elven Archer Chest Armor
Elven Archer Leggings icon.png Elven Archer Leggings
Elven Elder Archer Boots icon.png Elven Elder Archer Boots
Elven Elder Archer Chest Armor icon.png Elven Elder Archer Chest Armor
Elven Elder Archer Gloves icon.png Elven Elder Archer Gloves
Elven Elder Archer Leggings icon.png Elven Elder Archer Leggings
Elven Elder Mage Robe
Elven Elite Archer Boots
Elven Elite Archer Bracers icon.png Elven Elite Archer Bracers
Elven Elite Archer Hood
Elven Elite Archer Leggings
Elven Elite Archer Tunic
Elven Mage Robe icon.png Elven Mage Robe
Leather Gloves icon.png Gloves of the Cutpurse
Hood of Truth icon.png Hood of Truth
Judge Wig icon.png Judge Wig
Paper Party Hat icon.png Paper Party Hat

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