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North Shattered Hills

North Shattered Hills
NorthScatteredHills 002.jpg
Difficulty: Zonetier.pngZonetier.pngZonetier.png
Location: South Paladis
First Seen: Episode 1

North Shattered Hills is located just south of the base of the Pillars of Night that cut through South Paladis. Long ago, a mage messed with something man was not meant to mess with. His bad magic shattered his tower and the ground beneath shook and crumbled. What is now left is this massive crater and destroyed forest as far as the eye can see…[1]

At the epicenter of the explosion green goo and irradiated earth can be seen. This source of black magic has also given growth to extensive vines and roots that have taken over the crater.

An abandoned village to the Northwest now lays in waste. A chunk of the old wizard tower was tossed by the explosion all the way here.

Several buildings lay in ruin as pieces of rock and debris got flung out.

Meanwhile down at the crater Underdwellers have made home in some of the tunnels, a pair of bloody feet can be seen leading to one of the tunnel entrances…[2]






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