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Towns are areas in Shroud of the Avatar that are populated with Houses. There are three types of Towns: NPC Towns, Player run towns, and Player owned towns.

NPC Towns

NPC Towns are the locations in the game that are based on Portalarium created content and Canon. It is usually going to be run by a storyline NPC. An example of a NPC Town would be Owl's Head.

Community Towns

Community Towns are locations populated with Avatars. Towns are formed in-game and typically have a Governor. More details are going to come in future updates. There are currently 353 towns in Shroud of the Avatar.

Player run towns

Player run towns are the locations in the game that are controlled by Portalarium but populated, nearly exclusively, by the Avatars. There are usually not going to be quests and there will not be Gathering nodes or Monsters in these towns, unless they are under siege. Players can freely, and safely, live in these towns as long as they can pay their rent.

Player owned towns

Player owned towns are the locations in the game that were paid for by a player and added to the game by Portalarium. The player that purchased the town controls who has access to lots. At any time the town owner, or town stewards, can kick players from their lots. An example of a Player owned town would be PaxLair.

Dynamic PoTs allow the owner to place player lots, buildings, and decorations wherever they choose including the ability to change this at any time, all within the game. Please note that your new POT will be added into game as soon as possible. Due to development constraints, this process will take at least one full release cycle (sometimes more) before being fully integrated.

Custom Static PoTs will be customized versions of the templates based on player design requests but will not allow for any in game customization of any kind. Please note that these will begin appearing in game after we have created all the base templates.

List of towns

Add your town

To add your guild to this list please start here: Form:TownData

Current towns

Town NameCurrent CitizensLocationLeaderCommanderSize (m2)RoleplayPvPDate Established
Admont0DrachvaldJulie33,600ImmersiveNone27 July 2014
Aelasar's Forest14Central BrittanyCiannaNick Cold33,600AnyNone5 February 2016
Aerie Cove0Midmaer0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Aethyria0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Ahnen Hain0Unknown33,600UnknownUnknown30 July 2015
Allaman0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Amour and Serenus0Unknown0UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Antilles Cove0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Arcadia0UnknownEnvy25,200UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Ardonair0RegalisArchaon Avenguard0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Artemis Outland0Perennial CoastVermifuge O'Riain0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Arx Draconis0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Arx Draconis Lowlands0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 April 2016
Astoria2Naryad PinelandsDeiter VomPaskerJanos Ferenzy12,600CasualNone25 February 2016
Astrum3Spindrift SeaStarLord33,600CasualPlayer Select31 December 2099
Avanish Hope0DrachvaldArivan Tine0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Avernus0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Ayens0North PaladisMarek Laemenard0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Ayrshire0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Badger Hollow0MidmaerBadger Mcallistar0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Barrataria Bay0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 July 2016
Barterton0UnknownCrehop33,600UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Bastion's Point12Perennial CoastTrevourAartemis19,800AnyPlayer Select18 November 2014
BattleDale0Hidden ValeAgora Battlefate0UnknownFull/Open31 December 2099
Baubbleshire0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown27 October 2016
Bearskin Grotto0Community:Diamond FieldsLace12,600CasualPlayer Select26 February 2016
Beran's Reach0UnknownVallas108,600AnyPlayer Select26 June 2014
Beregost3Hidden ValeHoldingrass PlumberKinkara19,800AnyPlayer Select9 May 2015
Blackrock Cove80QuelDuke Ezekiel Cooper83,400CasualPlayer Select19 October 2014
Blackspire0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Blackstone Bluff0South PaladisBlake Blackstone0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
BladewykeMidmaer33,600UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Blue Rose Isle0QuelWind Silvermoon25,200UnknownPlayer Select15 January 2015
Braeside Castle0South Paladisiain19,800UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Bravehaven0North PaladisDuffrey Blake12,600CasualNone30 March 2015
Breaker's Landing0MidmaerAyr Solstar0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Brickbay0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Brickceter0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Brickport0North PaladisBrickbat0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Bricksands0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Bricktown0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Brickvald0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Brittany Fort0Regalis0UnknownNon31 December 2099
Brittany Shores0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Caden Ben0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Caelestis Canton0RegalisAcaelus FireharpDeLor33,600AnyRP-Only30 June 2016
Caer Dracwych0North PaladisBowen Bloodgood19,800ImmersivePlayer Select31 December 2099
Caladruin0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown27 August 2015
Cape Havoc0Unknown0UnknownFull/Open31 December 2099
Carmel0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Castle Barataria0Community:Oceania0UnknownUnknown29 June 2017
Catscratch Hovel0Brittany Estates12,600ImmersivePlayer Select19 November 2015
Celestial Gardens0Unknown33,600UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Central City0Unknown0UnknownUnknown26 May 2016
Chaos Caverns0Unknown0UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Chaos Crossroads40Hidden ValeChaos Witch83,400NoneAny/Hardcore30 June 2015
Chateau du Lys19Hidden ValeDariuss OfChateauDuLys83,400AnyPlayer Select1 May 2015
Christophs Perch0VerdantisUrban Myth0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Clevedon0Regalis0UnknownUnknown28 April 2016
Clew Bay0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 July 2016
Constitutio Chaos0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Cooper Shoals0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 March 2016
Copper Lake0Unknown25,200EncouragedNo30 May 2015
Cornerstone0ElysiumGrayle0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Corvus Peak0NorguardTarsin0UnknownFull/Open31 December 2099
Cottage Grove20South PaladisOnyx33,600NoneNone1 April 2015
Covenant of the Phoenix0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Crag0QuelGuni0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Crossroads0Grunvaldshawn83,400CasualPlayer Select27 October 2016
Crystal Caves0Owl's Nest12,600NonePlayer Select7 January 2015
D'Jernstad0Unknown33,600UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Dara Brae7NoviaDuke Greagoir Pendragon25,200CasualNone26 June 2014
Dark Hart0Unknown19,800UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Darkshire Hills0UnknownPatrina Uther0UnknownUnknown30 June 2016
Dawn's Keep0MidmaerRufus D'Asperdi83,400UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Dead Horse0Southern GrunvaldFrank Baxley19,800UnknownNone30 July 2015
Den of Delirium0Hidden Vale0UnknownUnknown30 June 2016
Diamond Fields0Community:Port PhoenixLace83,400CasualNone20 November 2015
Drachenenfelser Unterwelt0DrachvaldSenash Kasigal0UnknownUnknown30 July 2015
Drachenfels102DrachvaldDuke AlbertSenash Kasigal83,400ImmersiveNoneNovember 2014
Dracheninsel0DrachvaldSenash Kasigal0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Drachensteig0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 September 2015
Drachental0DrachvaldLars vonDrachental83,400AnyPlayer SelectNovember 2014
Dragomir Mori0LongfallCatherineRose83,400UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Dragon's Rest0North PaladisRockin Randle0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Dragonhame0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Dragons Watch30Community:PaxLairThemo LockNanoc12,600UnknownFull/Open31 December 2014
Dragonshores0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Dragonvale0Unknown83,400UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
D’Jernstad0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Elementum0UnknownTailz Suvorov50,400AnyPlayer Select1 January 2014
En Nox0ElysiumLatnem Chaos19,800AnyPlayer Select4 April 2016
Encantado0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Enclave0Perennial CoastGuni0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Eodon0Unknown0UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Erak0UnknownEg Naro12,600AnyNo28 July 2016
Estate D’LaRose0Novia0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Evergreen Farm0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 March 2016
Fallin' Green12ArdorisTarin Merrywhistle50,400CasualNone18 July 2015
Falling Waters Fortress12RegalisCthrek'Goru TazarFlair Minamoto83,400CasualRP-Only8 October 2014
Farholt0Unknown0UnknownUnknown30 July 2015
Faubourg d'Avallon4ElysiumYthak DeThartas19,800CasualNone30 June 2016
Fels' Freehold0NorguardHawken Bayneson0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Festival0Owls HeadEngineer25,200YesNo28 April 2016
Finchfeld0RegalisEnvy0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Finchfield0RegalisEnvy50,400CasualPlayer Select12 December 2014
Findupre10ElysiumMekong PeacemakerDuke Mekong Peacemaker25,200AnyPlayer Select22 January 2015
Flint0South PaladisAdianna25,200UnknownUnknown4 April 2016
Flowing Waters Forest0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Forgewright0Unknown67,200UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Forgewright Mines0Midmaer0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Forlorn Peak0Unknown0UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Formosa0Unknown0UnknownUnknown17 November 2016
Forptycle0Unknown83,400AnyFull/Open14 February 2015
Forth Mae0RegalisNight fury0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Foundation0North PaladisSandra Coorta0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Fox Keep0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 October 2015
Gensicke0Quel0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Glacebourg0Community:AdmontWoengus Xenolivar12,600ImmersiveRP-Only25 February 2016
Gladsheim0NorguardLasazarr Xancson33,600UnknownNone31 December 2015
Glasgow Oasis0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Glenraas0Perennial CoastNatalie Raas0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Golden Cove2Community:PaxLairPindar SinThemo Lock19,800CasualNone31 December 2014
Goldfield0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Granite Gardens1GrunvaldJonah HayesJonah Hayes83,400AnyNone30 March 2016
Gravewater Shores0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 October 2015
Great Reed Alpha0Norguard25,200UnknownUnknown30 June 2016
Greyhold0LongfallTolly Lardbottom0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Grumpie Hermit's Hide-a-way0RegalisGrumpie Weinie25,200UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Hamberia0QuelBenjamin William0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Hatter's Estates3Regalis12,600CasualUnknown30 June 2015
Haunted Keep of Solania5Perennial CoastDonatien deSade33,600YesNo28 April 2016
Haven0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Havenstead0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 September 2015
Hawkwind Harbor0Hidden ValeMalchor0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Heartwood0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Hen Felin0Brisach RiverSpero Gottskraft33,600AnyPlayer Select21 September 2014
Heorth0RegalisJack Frost0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Highland Keep of Clan MacDaddy0Soltown19,800UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Hollaim0North PaladisExcelsior Lyonne25,200AnyNone15 May 2013
Hometown0Perennial Coastdallas0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Honor Hold12MidmaerBorg Stonewall25,200CasualRP-Only31 December 2099
Horned Society0NorguardAbydos0UnknownFull/Open31 December 2099
Hwaseong0VerdantisYuchun Cha0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Hy-Brasil0QuelAbercrombie MacLeod25,200UnknownPlayer Select25 April 2014
Illusive Passage0Serpent's SpineEnvy12,600CasualFull/Open6 June 2014
Inselberg Wastes0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Insulam de Nocte0Unknown67,200UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Irenholde6RegalisCandor Atlantica25,200CasualNone18 November 2014
Iron Gate7ElysiumHorton Irongate50,400ImmersiveRP-Only31 December 2015
Ironhall4NorguardBaene ThorrstadBaene Thorrstad19,800ImmersivePlayer Select10 December 2016
Isla de Muerta0Central Brittany67,200User discretionNo25 August 2016
Islands of Wonders14Community:PaxLairDuchess Soleidad50,400CasualPlayer Select6 August 2014
Isle of Apples0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Isle of Ghosts0Spindrift Sea33,600UnknownNone30 July 2015
Isle of Valhalla0North PaladisOdin BloodBayne0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Isle of Xee0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown28 April 2016
It's a Town0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Italian militum0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Jackalotopia0MidmaerJackalo0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Jade Caverns0Accessible via Jade ValleyMal Hari12,600UnknownFull/Open4 April 2016
Jade Island0Hidden ValeOne Zero67,200UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Jade Mountains0South PaladisOne Zeron/a12,600CasualNone1 August 2015
Jade Valley40ElysiumMal HariMal Hari83,400yesUnknown14 February 2015
Jagged Hold0MidmaerBraveSir Robin83,400CasualNone8 October 2014
Jatavern0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 July 2016
Jeffrey Point0Unknown0UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Johnna's Bluff0South PaladisDor Voidwalker12,600UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Journeys End0LongfallLazarus LongLazarus Long12,600AnyPlayer Select31 December 2099
Justice Hold0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown4 April 2016
Kahli1Hidden ValeElgarion83,400ImmersiveRP PvP31 December 2015
Kai0NorguardKai CouncilJohn Markus50,400Casual, Japanese language allowedPlayer Select, PvP Arena basement8 August 2014
Kam0Unknown0UnknownUnknown30 July 2015
Kelfazin0UnknownJatvardurMbomber25,200CasualPlayer Select31 December 2014
Knight's Bastion0Perennial CoastSegallion0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Knight's Watch0Unknown67,200UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Knightmare Falls15RegalisSebastian GraynightDaemoh Obscura83,400CasualPlayer SelectNovember 2016
Knowhere2Community:PaxLairManerd12,600AnyNone1 October 2015
Lacedaemon0Unknown0UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Lake Cusabo12RegalisTiffani SaintOnge83,400UnknownPlayer Select27 April 2017
Lamplight0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Le Chateau Rouge0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 October 2015
Liberty0MidmaerGuni0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Little Italy0LongfallMerlino0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Lockbrier30Community:PaxLairThemo LockBambino33,600CasualPlayer Select31 December 2014
Luna City0Hidden Vale0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Lux Sanctuary0DrachvaldSpoon0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Lyonesse0Hidden ValeSera Serpentine0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Magincia0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Malficium0South PaladisNecrotic Storm0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Malum Immortui0ElysiumRavicus Domdred33,600ImmersivePlayer Select1 September 2014
Malus5GrunvaldLorimusViolation19,800CasualFull/Open26 October 2014
Mara Mesta0QuelEzekiel Cooper0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Mediolanum24Hidden ValeTristano Sforza83,400AnyNone27 August 2015
Memphomai0UnknownThoreandan25,200UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Merri's Hideaway0Hidden ValeMerri Whisper0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Metallicus0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Misika0NorguardPikuko0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Mith'ril Un'derdarc0Perennial CoastDynochrome0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Moonglade0Drachvald83,400UnknownFull/Open31 December 2099
Moonshire Downs0North PaladisHedgekod Cathmoon83,400UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Mynwent0MidmaerWahooka0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Mörkrädd33Norguard25,200AnyPlayer Select30 November 2014
Neath0Spindrift SeaOddjob Teckel0UnknownPlayer Select27 August 2015
Neverland0Drachvald0UnknownUnknown30 June 2016
New Addington0GotiDeamos DeDragon12,600CasualRP-Only28 July 2016
New Britannian Market120West of Brittany CentralAndernut83,400YesPlayer Select2016
New Fawn0Some where in the Naryad Channel with regular travel from Harvest and HollaimWarrior B'Patrick33,600SomeNo25 August 2016
New Vesper1SoltownTharragon Deimnone12,600CasualArena11 November 2015
Nidhoggr Mountains0Unknown19,800UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Nido dell’Aquila0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Nightdiamond0Unknown0UnknownUnknown4 April 2016
Nivenshire4Perennial CoastDuke of Moorstow50,400ImmersiveRP-Only15 November 2014
Novia Market0Regalis33,600UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Nowheresville0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Oasis0South PaladisGuni0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Obsidian Ridge0QuelEzekiel Cooper0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Oceania1,000Perennial CoastBarbarian King12,600UnknownNone30 July 2015
Ogygia0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Old Penshire Wharf0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 September 2015
Olde Haven0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Oracle Oasis0SoltownCyin33,600AnyPlayer Select26 January 2017
Ordinis Mortis60GrunvaldRoper DocHolidayViolation Clauth50,400AnyPlayer Select29 October 2015
Outlander Welcome Center0Perennial Coast25,200AnyNone15 December 2016
Owl's Rest0Hidden ValeSparhawk0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Owl's Sky City0Hidden ValePappy VanWinkle0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Painted Caves0Unknown19,800UnknownNon25 February 2016
Papua0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
PaxLair35GrunvaldWinfield142,200ImmersiveRP-Only24 April 2014
PenFranc Folklore0Unknown0UnknownUnknown27 August 2015
Perfectus Mori0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Phoenix Fields0ElysiumKer0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Pineville0Unknown0UnknownUnknown17 December 2015
Pirate's Hideout0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Pomerantz0QuelDaygoth Pomerantz0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Port Arx Draconis0South PaladisThe Syndicate0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Port Lihan0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Port Phoenix21ElysiumWrathPhoenix33,600AnyNone24 July 2014
Prime Mori0RegalisNight fury0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Radio City0VerdantisGoldenWing Okhan83,400AnyPlayer Select31 December 2099
Rats Nest0NorguardDrocis Fondorlatos0UnknownFull/Open31 December 2099
Rats Nest Catacombs0Unknown0UnknownOpen28 January 2016
Rauchbier Platz0Unknown50,400UnknownUnknown31 March 2016
Red Hook0LongfallLazarus LongLazarus Long12,600AnyPlayer SelectJanuary 2016
Red Hook Caverns0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Reed's Glen0LongfallFletcher Reed50,400UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Refugees Haven0Perennial CoastAldieb Moonshadow83,400AnyNone31 December 2099
Refugees Hideout0Unknown33,600UnknownUnknown25 September 2015
Reliquary0Unknown0UnknownUnknown17 November 2016
Reverie0Regalis33,600UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Rift's End28RegalisKvow50,400CasualNone10 July 2014
Rift's Legacy0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Rockslyde Shores0MidmaerGrayle0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Rusthaven3SoltownLeila Kin12,600AnyFull/Open27 August 2015
Sacred Silver Blades0UnknownJuzzie12,600UnknownUnknown19 September 2014
Saint Haley0LongfallRichard VonHaley25,200UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Salisbury Plains0Midmaer19,800UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Sanctus Solus0MidmaerIain Lochry0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Sanguine Stand0VerdantisAlbus0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Sawtooth Hollow0Sawtooth MountainsRavicus Domdred33,600AnyFull/Open1 September 2014
Sea Nymph Grotto2Community:PaxLairFionwyne Wyldemanescroda12,600AnyPlayer Select15 June 2015
SeaHaven1Unknown33,600CasualUnknown29 April 2016
Sequanna's Peace0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown19 November 2015
Serenite5GrunvaldWilliam SereniteWilliam Serenite67,200AnyPlayer Select23 October 2014
Serenity Isle5South edge of Spindrift Bay near PaxLairFionwyn Wyldemane33,600ImmersiveNoMarch 2017
Serenity's Edge0MidmaerMaathyas67,200CasualNoneOctober 2015
Serpent's Watch29MidmaerWoftam50,400UnknownPlayer Select15 July 2015
Shadow's Rest0NorguardAidenolm Rosemourne83,400UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Shangri La0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Sidus Clarum0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Siken0Hidden ValeEnvy25,200UnknownFull/Open31 December 2099
Silverglade Outpost4GreyStoneSilverglade SunrunnerLokey19,800CasualPlayer Select31 December 2099
Silverhold0ElysiumAsher Silvarian0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Silverthorn0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Sionann0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Siren Song Bayou0Community:Diamond FieldsLace12,600CasualPlayer Select26 February 2016
Sirens Cove0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Skuggrike0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 October 2015
Snowmass0Unknown0UnknownUnknown30 July 2015
Snug Harbor6LongfallLazarus LongLazarus Long33,600AnyPlayer Select31 December 2099
Solitude0Forsaken Vale83,400AnyPlayer Select14 February 2015
Soryn Fields0South Paladis0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Sparrowfall0ElysiumDoc Farnsworth0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Steubenshire0Unknown19,800UnknownUnknown4 April 2016
Stinging Tree Hollow0Hidden ValePeteWi TheDisoriented0NonePlayer Select25 September 2015
Stocktopia0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Stonegate0QuelAkando Cliffsage0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Storm's End0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Storms End0Unknown83,400UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
Stormsong Vale16North PaladisChurchieval67,200CasualNone10 December 2014
Styx1Longfall Swamps12,600AnyPlayer Select21 February 2015
Sunset Shimmer0Unknown25,200UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Taht Al'ard0Unknown0UnknownUnknown4 April 2016
Taht Al’ard0Unknown0UnknownUnknown4 April 2016
Tara's Rest0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 March 2016
Tempest Reef8LongfallProteus Tempest25,200CasualPlayer Select15 January 2015
Temples of Syrinx0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 March 2016
Tenakill5Community:PaxLairSean SilverfootMaedhros12,600AnyNone24 September 2014
Tenebrae0Island next to Aerie (nested)Ribald Hornpipe33,600ImmersiveFull/Open27 October 2016
Terreg Wis0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
Thapae Mizellmist0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
The Barrowlands0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 October 2015
The Caverns Under Neath0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 July 2016
The Caverns of Kahli0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 September 2015
The Drowned Mountains0ElysiumThurisaz Sheol0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
The Eventide Enclave0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 February 2016
The Highlands0VerdantisScraps MacMutt0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
The Severed Isle0Perennial Coast0UnknownPlayer Select30 March 2017
The Time Tunnel0Unknown0UnknownUnknown26 May 2016
The Undershire0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 September 2016
The Void0Unknown0UnknownUnknown30 July 2015
The Wildwoods0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Toad Town0Unknown0UnknownUnknown27 August 2015
Tokuno0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Tortuga0Unknown0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Trysull0ElysiumEnvy0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Tuckerton0LongfallThalion Turval0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Twilight Sparkle0Overland map near KingsportHestia33,600CasualNo27 July 2017
Twin Traders0Unknown19,800UnknownUnknown4 April 2016
Ullr Ridge0UlfheimChadwyck33,600CasualNone30 July 2015
Unterwelt0Unknown0UnknownUnknown27 August 2015
Vale Halla0Unknown33,600UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Vale St. Julie0Unknown0UnknownUnknown29 October 2015
Valoria0RegalisCaptain Norrington0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Vanguard0South PaladisJatvardur0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Vanguard Ruins0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 September 2015
Vastata Insula Innectis0Unknown25,200UnknownPlayer Select28 April 2016
Vengeance20GrunvaldViolation33,600CasualPlayer Select26 June 2014
Verat Chaos25MidmaerAndartianna ZazerizAndartianna Zazeriz83,400CasualNone28 April 2017
Veritas Sanctuary0Unknown50,400UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Victory Arena0RegalisVallas Tellen0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Virtue Isle0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Virtue Oasis0Hidden ValeAshmaul83,400UnknownFull/Open1 January 2016
White Hart0North PaladisStryker Sparhawk33,600yesUnknown1 December 2014
White Hart on Abundis8North PaladisStryker Sparhawk33,600ImmersivePlayer Select10 May 459
Whyte Roc25QuelCypher BlackCypher Black83,400CasualPlayer Select28 May 2015
Wightwick0Hidden ValeEnvy0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Wind0Unknown0UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Winter Spur0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Winterbourne0Unknown0UnknownUnknown28 January 2016
Wisteria Lane0Unknown0UnknownUnknown25 August 2016
Wizards Rest0Hidden ValeBaldrith12,600UnknownUnknown31 December 2099
Wolves Den6Brightbone PassViviane Loch12,600NoneNone31 July 2015
Wyrmgard0Highvale0UnknownUnknown30 June 2016
Wythmail0RegalisAdyn Judoc0UnknownPlayer Select31 December 2099
Zerpville Bay0Unknown0UnknownUnknown27 July 2017

(Note: Town sizes and population must be updated manually, and may not reflect in-game values. If you see information that is out of date, please correct it or let us know.)

Lot sizes in meters

  • Row: 10 x 15 = 150 sq
  • Village: 20 x 30 = 600 sq
  • Town: 30 x 40 = 1200 sq
  • City: 40 x 60 = 2400 sq
  • Keep: 60 x 80 = 4800 sq
  • Castle: 80 x 120 = 9600 sq

Player owned town sizes


  • Access to 12,600 Square Meters of Player Lots
  • NOTE: Does not include the lot deeds
  • Sample Layouts:
  • 21 Village
  • 5 Village + 1 Castle
  • 20 Row + 1 Castle
  • 13 Village + 1 Keep
  • 13 Village + 4 Town
  • etc
  • Central Square with 1 NPC owned building
  • 1 Add On Store Village House


  • Access to 19,800 Square Meters of Player Lots
  • NOTE: Does not include the lot deeds
  • Sample Layouts:
  • 33 Village
  • 17 Village + 1 Castle
  • etc
  • Central Square with 2 NPC owned buildings
  • Add On Store Houses
  • 2 Add On Store Village Houses
  • Example in game town: Kingsport


  • Access to 25,200 Square Meters of Player Lots
  • NOTE: Does not include the lot deeds
  • Sample Layouts:
  • 42 Village
  • 26 Village + 1 Castle
  • etc
  • Central Square with 2 NPC owned buildings
  • Add On Store Houses
  • 2 Add On Store Village Houses
  • Example in game town: Wooded Player Village 1

Crossroads Village

  • Access to 33,600 Square Meters of Player Lots
  • NOTE: Does not include the lot deeds
  • Sample Layouts:
  • 56 Village
  • 40 Village + 1 Castle
  • etc
  • Central Square with 4 NPC buildings
  • Add On Store Houses
  • 2 Add On Store Village Houses
  • 2 Add On Store Town Houses
  • 1 Add On Store City House
  • Example in game town: Wooded Player Village 2 (plus a bit more)


  • Town: $3,000 $3600
  • Access to 50,400 Square Meters of Player Lots
  • NOTE: Does not include the lot deeds
  • Sample Layouts:
  • 84 Village
  • 68 Village + 1 Castle
  • etc
  • Central Square with 6 NPC buildings
  • Add On Store Houses
  • 2 Add On Store Village Houses
  • 2 Add On Store Town Houses
  • 2 Add On Store City Houses


  • City: $4,000 $4800
  • Access to 67,200 Square Meters of Player Lots
  • NOTE: Does not include the lot deeds
  • Sample Layouts:
  • 112 Village
  • 96 Village + 1 Castle
  • etc
  • Central Square with 10 NPC buildings
  • Add On Store Houses
  • 3 Add On Store Village Houses
  • 3 Add On Store Town Houses
  • 3 Add On Store City Houses
  • Example in game town: Owlshead


  • Access to 83,400 Square Meters of Player Lots
  • NOTE: Does not include the lot deeds
  • Sample Layouts:
  • 139 Village
  • 123 Village + 1 Castle
  • etc
  • Central Square with 15 NPC buildings
  • Add On Store Houses
  • 4 Add On Store Village Houses
  • 4 Add On Store Town Houses
  • 4 Add On Store City Houses
  • Example in game town: Bigger than Owl's Head

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