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Row Level Housing

The following houses can be build only on a Row Level Property lot. Building a home on a Row lot requires a Row Property Deed.


2-Story Viking Row HouseSotA Viking 2-Story Row 2.jpg
3-Story Viking Row HouseSotA Viking 3-Story Row.jpg
4-Story Viking Row HouseSotA Viking 4-Story Row.jpg
Blue Tile Roof 2-Story Row HouseSotA_BlueTileRoof_2Story_Row_home_small.jpg
Blue Tile Roof 3-Story Row HouseSotA_BlueTileRoof_3Story_Row_home_small.jpg
Blue Tile Roof 4-Story Row HouseSotA_BlueTileRoof_4Story_Row_home_small.jpg
Elven 2-Story with Left Alcove Row HomeSotA_Elven_Row_2Story3.jpg
Elven 2-Story with Right Alcove Row HomeSotA_Elven_Row_2Story3.jpg
Elven 3-Story with Left Alcove Row HomeSotA_Elven_Row_3Story.jpg
Elven 3-Story with Right Alcove Row HomeSotA_Elven_Row_3Story.jpg
Elven 4-Story with Left Alcove Row HomeSotA_Elven_Row_4Story.jpg
Elven 4-Story with Right Alcove Row HomeSotA_Elven_Row_4Story.jpg
Golden Ornate Greenhouse 4-Story Row HouseSI_GoldenRowhouseGreenhouse_01.png
Greenhouse Four-Story (Row Home)
Kobold 2-Story with Left Alcove Row HomeSotA_Kobold_Rowhouse_2Story.jpg
Kobold 2-Story with Right Alcove Row HomeSotA_Kobold_Rowhouse_2Story.jpg
Kobold 3-Story with Left Alcove Row HomeKobold_3Story_LeftAlcove_Row_House.jpg
Kobold 3-Story with Right Alcove Row HomeKobold_3Story_RightAlcove_Row_House.jpg
Kobold 4-Story with Left Alcove Row HomeSotA_Kobold_Rowhouse_4Story.jpg
Kobold 4-Story with Right Alcove Row HomeSotA_Kobold_Rowhouse_4Story.jpg
Obsidian 2-Story Row HomeSotA_Obsidian_2Story_Row.jpg
Obsidian 3-Story Row HomeSotA_Obsidian_3Story_Row.jpg
Obsidian 4-Story Row HomeSotA_Obsidian_4Story_Row.jpg
Ornate Greenhouse 4-Story Row HouseSotA_Ornate_Greenhouse_4Story_Row_House.jpg
Shingle-Roof Four-Story Row Home
Shingle-Roof Three-Story (Row Home)
Shingle-Roof Two-Story (Row Home)
Shogun 2-Story Row HouseSotA_ShogunRowHome2Story_orig.jpg
Shogun 3-Story Row HouseSotA_ShogunRowHome3Story_orig.jpg
Shogun 4-Story Row HouseSotA_ShogunRowHome4Story_orig.jpg
Stone 2-Story Row HouseSotA Stone Row home 2.3.4.Story .jpg
Stone 3-Story Prison Row Housesota-stone-3-story-prison-row-home.jpg
Stone 3-Story Row HouseSotA Stone Row home 2.3.4.Story .jpg
Stone 4-Story Row HouseSotA Stone Row home 2.3.4.Story .jpg
Stucco Four-Story Reversed Row HomeStucco_Four-Story_Reversed_Row_Home_icon.png
Stucco Four-Story Row HomeStucco_Four-Story_Row_Home_icon.png
Stucco Three-Story Reversed Row HomeStucco_Three-Story_Reversed_Row_Home_icon.png
Stucco Three-Story Row HomeStucco_Three-Story_Row_Home_icon.png
Stucco Two-Story Reversed Row HomeStucco_Two-Story_Reversed_Row_Home_icon.png
Stucco Two-Story Row HomeStucco_Two-Story_Row_Home_icon.png
Wood & Plaster 2-Story Row HouseSotA_Row_Lot_Property_Deed.jpg
Wood & Plaster 3-Story Row HouseSotA_WoodPlaster_3Story_Row_home.jpg
Wood & Plaster 4-Story with Balcony Row HouseSotA_WoodPlaster_4Story_Balcony_Row_home.jpg
Wood & Plaster Three-Story (Row Home)
Wood & Plaster Two-Story (Row Home)


Row Prison 5-Story Basementsota-row-stone-prison-5-story-basement.jpg
Row Stone & Timber 1-Story BasementSotA_Row_StoneTimber_1Story_Basement.jpg
Row Stone & Timber 2-Story BasementSotA_Row_StoneTimber_2Story_Basement.jpg
Row Stone & Timber 5-Story BasementSotA_Row_StoneTimber_5Story_Basement.jpg
Row Stone 5-Story BasementSotA_Row_Stone_5Story_Basement.jpg

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