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This is an introduction to each of the skills and what they can offer. A better understanding requires knowledge of Stats, Damage Types, and the skills system[1].

Magic, Combat, and Crafting Skills[edit]

Combat is achieved with a skill bar that is comprised of your Deck. A deck is made with Noble Skills, Focus Skills, and Slugs. Some of the slots may be Locked Slots[2].

Adventuring Skills[edit]

Adventurer Skills
Shield schoolPolearm schoolBlade schoolHeavy Armor schoolLight Armor schoolBludgeon schoolRanged schoolSun MagicFire MagicEarth MagicDeath MagicChaos MagicLife MagicAir MagicWater MagicLunar MagicTactics SkillsSubterfuge SkillsTaming SkillsFocus SkillsSotA Adventurer Tree.png
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Adventuring skills are broken up into 3 Subcategories of Combat, Magic, and Strategy. They are then split further into skill trees.

There are 20 Adventuring skill schools that are broken into the three groups.

  • Combat:
  • Strategy:


Main Article: Combat

Combat is one of the one skill ring that involve offensive and defensive abilities in Shroud of the Avatar.

There are seven combat schools on the skill ring that include: Blade, Polearm, Bludgeon, Ranged, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, and Shield.


Main Article: Magic

There are eight magic schools on the skill ring that include: Sun, Earth, Life, Water, Lunar, Air, Death, and Fire. The center of the ring creates an eight point Chaos star and is also included as a magic skill with a few variations.


Main Article: Strategy

There are four strategy schools on the skill ring that include: Tactics, Focus, Subterfuge, and Taming.

Crafting Skills[edit]

Crafting Skills
Mining SkillsForaging SkillsForestry SkillsField Dressing SkillsFishing SkillsButchery SkillsSmelting SkillsTanning SkillsMilling SkillsAgriculture SkillsTextiles SkillsBlacksmithing SkillsCooking SkillsCarpentry SkillsAlchemy SkillsTailoring SkillsSotA Crafting Tree.png
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Main Article: Crafting

Crafting is the skill ring for Gathering, Refining, and Production to create nearly everything in the game. The majority of the game content is created by players and recycled into the system. To allow balance crafting was given a separate skillset and experience pool to level. Just like Magic and Combat, it has an outer ring written in Runic that translates "Craftsmanship is Earned ~ Honed through Practice ~ Attention to Detail ~ Elegant and Functional ~ Refined and Durable"

There are 15 crafting skill schools that are broken into the three groups.

  • Gathering:
  • Refining:
  • Production:


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