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Town Data
Name: Vengeance
Leader: Violation
Established: 2014/06/26
Biome: Unknown
Size: 33600 m2
Avatars: 20
NPCs: 3
PvP: Player Select
Roleplay: Casual
Location: Grunvald
Coordinates: 139.1, 12.8, 67.0

Vengeance is the player owned town that is home to the Order of Vengeance guild. It is the first open-PVP player owned town in Shroud of the Avatar. It is the second player owned town, PaxLair being the first. Vengeance is based on the principle of Courage and is the capital of a union between Ordinis Mortis, a town of Love, and Malus, a town of Truth.


Main article: Community:Vengeance/Quests

There is one hidden player quests in Vengeance for R32. If you say the correct keywords to Violation he will start you on this quest.


Community:Order of Vengeance is well known for their player events and tournaments in Shroud of the Avatar. They have been awarded a Royal Warrant for their service to the throne for combat related events. We will continue our tournaments in honor of the crown starting Release 33!


With the mention of combat in Release 4 days Violation had the privilege to lead Lord British on his first combat mission in New Britannia.[1] They went on a raid through the then "dragon fields" near Owl's Head. After roleplay and planning for the upcoming player-vs-player testing in Release 8 the organization of Community:Order of Vengeance occurred to facilitate the gathering of Guards for the player-vs-player tournaments to come.

With Release 8 came The Brave Coast and that's where Vengeance lived for the duration prior to moving into PaxLair for a role-play event that started in Release 12. In Release 8 the Order of Vengeance lead 1v1, 2v2, and grudge matches in The Brave Coast. They were the first group to hold each of those types of events in Shroud of the Avatar. With the lack of selection and need for testing many players came to their events and they helped refine and improve the combat system through data collection done by Chris Spears and team from Portalarium.

With Release 18 came Vengeance in the game as the 2nd player town and a new goal: hold a player-vs-player event every night for a month within the town. To date there has been a pvp event in Vengeance every single night since Release 18 was launched. Some of our pvp events are below.

With Release 26 came Shooter Jennings’ In-Game Worldwide Premier of New Album Countach as the first in-game album release party! A huge thanks to Shooter Jennings and Speck for allowing Vengeance to be the location this event.

Moon tower power

Main article: Community:Vengeance/Moon tower power

Team 1 is attempting to keep the tower powered ON... Team 2 is attempting to shut it OFF. After 15 minutes the teams will switch sides and purpose. Each time the judge will be attempting to keep an eye on the power and hopefully not get killed too many times. In the event he is killed there will be a pause to the event timer that will NOT be announced. The judge will call out when the time is up and suggests you do what you can to keep fighting for the tower until you see the text "TIME'S UP!" spammed in front of the moon tower.

Grudge matches

Main article: Community:Vengeance/Grudge match

The Challenge List is a list of people that are waiting to fight. When you challenge someone you are both added to the challenge list and the battles will be carried out in the order they were initiated. You cannot withdraw a challenge until you are the top position on the list. Be careful! Withdraws are the only way to lose a point!

Siege the keep

Main article: Community:Vengeance/Siege the keep

Team 1 and Team 2 will be told when to start via whisper. Team 1 is attempting to guard and protect the Keep... Team 2 is attempting to siege the keep and open the Darkstarr Metronome. After 10 minutes the teams will switch sides and purpose. Each time the judge will be attempting to keep an eye on the Metronome and hopefully not be killed too many times. In the event he is killed there will be a pause to the event. The judge will call out when the time is up OR when the siege is successful and who opened the Metronome.

1v1 tournaments

Main article: Community:Vengeance/Tournaments

Our hosting of 1v1 tournaments have included the first 1v1 in the game, the first seeded 1v1, the first developer attended 1v1, and the first death of Lord British by players on the live server. We continue to host 1v1 and training sessions; however, we try to keep lower key in hopes that other guilds will step up and create an bolstered PVP Scene for Shroud of the Avatar to better serve the entire community at large. Please feel free to attend our PvP tournaments, starting again in Release 33, on the first Saturday of the month.

Pre-Alpha Release 18 Results



We have not finalized our lot process and have a dynamic town so we feel no pressure to do so. Please feel free to contact Violation on the official forums if you have a request to live in our town.

Vengeance Lot Details
Total Player Lots:
Inner City: Outer City: Water:
Row: 0 Row:
Village: 0 Village: Village: {{{wvillage}}}
Town: 0 Town: Town: {{{wtown}}}
City: 0 City: City: {{{wcity}}}
Duke Keep: Duke Keep: Duke Keep: {{{wkeep}}}
LotM Castle: LotM Castle: LotM Castle: {{{wcastle}}}


Building Lot Size House Type Test Notes and Comments
Firehawk Field Town Custom Gustball Arena, Tournament Arena
Oracle Conservatory NPC NPC PVP Blessing
Moon Tower NPC NPC Moon Tower Power
Titan of Courage NPC NPC Unknown Blessing
The Keep City Duke's Founder Keep Siege the Keep



  • Vengeance, by the guild Order of Vengeance, ran the first combat tournaments in Shroud of the Avatar on the "Vengeance" beach in The Brave Coast.
  • Vengeance is one of the first player towns to be issued a Royal Warrant.
  • Vengeance was the second player town to be added to Shroud of the Avatar.
  • Vengeance was the first open PVP town to be purchased for Shroud of the Avatar and was purchased specifically to encourage the open PVP option be added to player towns.
  • Vengeance was originally added to the QA server, patch 217, as a player run town that was not flagged for PVP.
  • Vengeance appeared for all players in Release 18.
  • Vengeance is the first official location of a recorded kill of Lord British[2]


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  2. Records of Combat Community:Vengeance/Lord_British_Dies_Combat/Chat_Log

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