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Crafting Stations

Crafting Stations are used in the Refining and Production stages of item creation, and require training in the appropriate Crafting skill.

Refining Stations[edit]

Refining stations are used to turn gathered resources into usable materials. Although the direct skills are listed below, note that some items created can be useful in multiple production skills.

Butchering Station[edit]

Using your Butchery skill, you can turn raw cuts of meat (gathered with Field Dressing) into chops for Cooking.

Milling Station[edit]

Gathered wood can be shaped in boards and timber, useful for Carpentry work, using your Milling skill.

Smelting Station[edit]

Raw ore from Mining can be processed using Smelting into shapes suitable for Blacksmithing.

Tanning Station[edit]

Tanning allows you to turn Field Dressed hides into leathers and skins, more suited for Tailoring.

Textiles Station[edit]

Textiles transforms raw Agriculture crops into Tailoring usable forms, such as cloth and thread.

Production Stations[edit]

Production stations are used to turn refined materials into their end product. Although the most direct linked skills are listed, recipes often require ingredients from multiple disciplines.

Alchemy Station[edit]

Alchemy uses Foraged reagents to create specialized goods.

Blacksmithing Station[edit]

Skilled Blacksmiths can turn Smelted metal into a wide variety of tools, weapons and armor.

Carpentry Station[edit]

Carpenters use Milled lumber to craft structures, tools, and weapons.

Cooking Station[edit]

The art of Cooking allows a player to take Crops, Meat and even Wild Forage and turn it into fine food or drink.

Tailoring Station[edit]

Using Tanned skin and hides or Textiles, a Tailor can sew clothes, armor, taming collars, and decorations.

Other Stations[edit]

These stations are used for miscellaneous crafting.

Planter Box[edit]

Using your Agriculture skill, you can grow plants.

Printing Press[edit]

You can craft books and scrolls, or make copies of existing books and scrolls.

Obsidian Forge[edit]

You can craft armor and weapons out of obsidian.

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