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Logo.png is a wiki written collectively by the members of the Shroud of the Avatar community. It is founded by Violation as a community resource and to provide a library of fact checked information that gives players a fast and easy way to get the answers. It is launched on November 26, 2013.

Merger[edit] was merged with on March 1st, 2014. The main coder Fenyx4 was merged as a founder and his team was migrated into our databases with their respective positions. The databases of both sites will be manually transfered from into later in the same month. More information on the merger can be found here.


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SotA Wiki is managed by a group of volunteers from the Shroud of the Avatar community. It is based on MediaWiki and is maintained and supported by the UltimaCodex.


You can contact the site's managing director from here.


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The long term goal of SotA Wiki is to become the best source of information for Shroud of the Avatar while keeping the site ad-free.

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