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Community:College of Arms

College of Arms
College of Arms
Sovereigns: NirAntae, Adiun Tesserande, Ronan,

Amber Raine, and Grant MacGregor

Location: Owl's Head

By appointment to His Majesty Lord British, it is the duty of the New Britannian College of Arms to conduct and manage all affairs heraldic in these fair realms. Their Royal Warrant building is in Owl's Head. In R4 this building displayed the Arms of Lord British.


The Shroud of the Avatar College of Arms is a group of community members who help the community create coats of arms for inclusion in the game, and to help assure that each person's arms are unique. The College, which now includes more than 20 members, is led by the Sovereigns of Arms: NirAntae, Adiun Tesserande, Ronan, Amber Raine, and Grant MacGregor. The College of Arms was the first to be awarded the Royal Warrant by Lord British[1].

The college maintains an independent private wiki which includes the rules that have been endorsed by the Portalarium staff. It also houses their current Roll of Arms.

Player arms[edit]

Because of various technical limitations, a generator comprised of simple-format charges that the client could assemble into the complex devices would work much better. However, we will be able to work with individuals of Virtual Collector (Founder) or higher status to get custom designed charges (of one or two colors) [2] into the generator. [3] All of the in-game arms will be created using this generator when it is completed. [4]

Guild arms[edit]

At this time, Portalarium has said that only individuals will have CoAs in game, not groups/guilds, though that may well change in the future.[5]


College of Arms.png
The College of Arms building occupies a Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Overhang Village Home in Owl's Head.


  • The first of the Royal Warrant guilds to be included as an in-game location.


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