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Community:Dara Brae

Town Data
Name: Dara Brae
Leader: Duke Greagoir Pendragon
Established: 2014/06/26
Biome: Unknown
Size: 25200 m2
Avatars: 7
NPCs: Saerlaith the Druid, Gwen the Bard / Banker, and Barclay The Ranger
PvP: None
Roleplay: Casual
Location: Novia
Coordinates: 320, -6, 290 in Hidden Vale off of Kingsport
Dara Brae

Dara Brae is a full-spectrum, role-played player owned town in Hidden Vale of hamlet size. It is governed and operated by the players and consists of many guilds, citizens, allies, and friends. It follows the tenets of peace, neutrality, and role-playing. The town government and societies offer many opportunities for people to enjoy their specific interests and participate with many other people.

Dara Brae is a player-ran town focusing on community. We only ask that you help contribute to the hamlet by participating in town events, town crafting , town celebrations, the town farmer's market, etc. We may ask for a small donation of gold from time to time help enhance the hamlet. We want this to be a community for you and all of the citizens of New Britannia. There will be a NPC owned building (Bank) that the local Bard/Banker and Ranger NPC is, plus a Town Crier that is our local Druid. Every expert crafting stations will be available that will be set up for everyone's use (Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Tailoring, Cooking, Alchemy, Smelting, Milling, Textiles, Tanning, Butchery). These crafting stations will be spread around the town.

Dara Brae was the fourth static town Portalarium created and introduced with R20. The template that Duke Greagoir Pendragon created was used for the lower portion of the island template.

Grab a Guinness (or your favorite beverage) and think about the possibilities.


Role-played Government - As there is one owner of the Dara Brae, Duke Greagoir Pendragon is the only government and is seen as the authoritative figure. He will listen to all people living in the hamlet before making any decisions affecting the hamlet. If only two people are involved then Duke Greagoir Pendragon can make a decision after talking to both of those two people (not the entire town).


Dara Brae is a player owned town of hamlet size.

During the pre-Alpha releases, Dara Brae experimented with building the town in the open player-run town of Northshire. We then moved to PaxLair by boat in a temporary situation before running an archaeology event that had clues leading out the Dara Brae's discovery in R20.

Connections exist to Kingsport, Littlecreek, Forewind, The Brave Coast, Estercove, Port Mirren, and Twin Traders.


We are on an Mediterranean style of Island, next to the NPC town Kingsport in the Hidden Vale.


We will have a selection of buildings that will be built over each Release starting in R20.

- SotA New Britannia Museum in-game ( * coming in the future - Pavilion for meetings, Farmer's Market, etc. - Public access expert crafting table scattered all over the Duchy - Publishing/Printing company showcasing the stories on the citizens who live here - Stables - Druid Tree House (we will grow this from a seed to an entire tree with water and magic) - Duke Castle


Dara Brae is filled with special attractions. Some are buildings. Others are geographical marvels.

We have the only Yew tree in New Britannia. This giant tree was created by the devs as a reward for our commitment to the Shroud of the Avatar community. The hamlet is named after this tree. Later the Yew tree was made available for everyone to buy in the add on store. Lor goes that the Druids on Dara Brae found an ancient text that explained how to care and splice the Yew Tree. Now Yew Trees are all over New Britannia because of the Druids of Dara Brae.


Citizenship is based on a person living in or working in the duchy. The person does not need to own a house to be a citizen. The person may also be a citizen if they belong to a guild that is declared as a citizen guild, our main one is Community:Celtic_Order_of_Druids_and_Bards. Citizens usually fill the various community positions. Citizenship is declared by Duke Greagoir Pendragon.

Citizen Guilds

Citizen Guilds (these are guilds where the entire guild has citizen status in the "Celtic Holdfast"):

Alliance Guilds and Towns

We have alliances with all existing towns.

Town development

Dara Brae is a player owned town of hamlet size.

Building "Celtic Holdfast" in Pre-Alpha Releases

Release 20 is when our Holdfast was permanently established in Novia.

  • Community:PaxLair/Release 7 - June 26-29, 2014 and July 4-6, 2014 (RTX2014)
      • Test all that is needed for the R7 objectives
      • Build in Northshire (temporary location until our hamlet is placed)
      • Participate in Welcome Quest, Lord British showed up!
      • Tested Farmers Market and public crafting station Pavilion.
      • Tested Druid Tree Home.

hamlet Housing lots

Dara Brae Lot Details
Total Player Lots: 20
Inner City: Outer City: Water:
Row: Row: 8
Village: Village: 9 Village: {{{wvillage}}}
Town: Town: 2 Town: {{{wtown}}}
City: City: 0 City: {{{wcity}}}
Duke Keep: Duke Keep: 1 Duke Keep: {{{wkeep}}}
LotM Castle: LotM Castle: 0 LotM Castle: {{{wcastle}}}


Dara Brae is bringing the Celtic culture of Earth into New Britannia.


Dara Brae has a planned University with classes ranging from Druidry, Ranger Resource Tracking, Nature, Herding, etc. Classes are being targeted for Druids, Rangers, Shepards, and Bards. See Community:Celtic_Holdfast/Education_and_Training

In the news

"... we also had the chance to see other great cities emerge (including the Celtic Holdfast which was a personal favorite of mine)."

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