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Magic Sigil

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Sigil of Magic
SotA Magic Sigil Stone.jpg

The Magic Sigil displays the various areas of skill in which a spellcaster may seek training.

There are nine schools of magic in Shroud of the Avatar: the eight elemental schools of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Sun, Moon, Life, and Death with the ninth school of Chaos in the center of them all. Each school has a focus. The sigil represents how all the schools relate to each other and it will appear inked on parchment, carved into stone, sewn into cloth and minted into metal coins

Skills included on the Magic Sigil include:

Life Magic - healing, curing, fighting death
Death Magic - transferring life to caster from enemies, summoning and controlling undead
Sun Magic - revealing those using stealth, light
Lunar Magic - stealth
Earth Magic - physical attacks, stun effects, crowd control
Air Magic - electric attacks, speed, and dexterity
Water Magic - icy attacks, slowing targets, minor healing, fight fire
Fire Magic - damage over time
Chaos Magic - disruption, unpredictable effects
Magic Sigil used in a blood ritual
SotA Magic Sigil Blood.jpg


The Magic Sigil was first revealed in the Update of the Avatar on September 27, 2013.[1]


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