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Air Magic

Air Magic icon.png Air Magic: Electric attacks, speed, and dexterity. In lore and dialogue, this may be referred to as Theurgy.

"Jeremy the mage is the acknowledged master of air magic. He can be found in the Hidden Vale, on the Kingsport docks listening to the whispers of the winds."

Air Skill Tree
Air AttunementGustDischargeAir's EmbraceDashRapid DischargeLightningShield of AirBlinkWell GroundedChain LightningSummon Air ElementalSotA Air Tree.png
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Air's Embrace icon.pngAir's Embrace Increases dexterity
Blink icon.pngBlink Instantly move to nearby spot that you could walk to
Chain Lightning icon.pngChain Lightning Ranged lightning damage spell that chains with a chance of stun. Both damage and stun chance are increased based on the casters dexterity
Dash icon.pngDash Increases movement speed
Discharge icon.pngDischarge Small radius low damage area-of-effect with a chance of stun, centered on the caster. Both damage and stun duration are increased slightly based on the caster's dexterity
Gust icon.pngGust Push target back with a chance to stun
Lightning icon.pngLightning Ranged lightning damage spell with a chance of stun. Both damage and stun chance are increased based on the caster's dexterity
Shield of Air icon.pngShield of Air Summons a shield of air that grants additional air attunement and also blocks all damage at the cost of great concentration
Summon Air Elemental icon.pngSummon Air Elemental Summons an Air Elemental
Air Attunement icon.pngAir Attunement Increases the power of Air skills and resistance to negative Air effects. Attunement is increased by training active Air skills
Rapid Discharge icon.pngRapid Discharge Increases stun effects
Well Grounded icon.pngWell Grounded Increases electrical resistance

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