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North Quel Way

North Quel Way
Difficulty: Zonetier.pngZonetier.png
Location: Novia
First Seen: Episode 1

North Quel Way is a forested road in the Quel region that features a caravan trading post that has been overrun by undead. an you find any survivors? [1]

North Quel Way is located in a valley where tributaries of the Barren River flow down from the mountains. Off in the distance you can see waterfalls that make their way down as fast flowing streams and feed the pine tree forests scattered throughout.[2][3]




  • This area first appeared in Release 28.
  • Esteben Zaldivar collaborated with Keith Quinn to design this space with some breakable/rebuildable barriers that will provide a great spot for players to fend of waves of undead!



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