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Tool Engraving Kit - Silver

Tool Engraving Kit - Silver
Repair Kit icon.png
Weight: .1
Value: Gold.png 40
Item Effects

+15% Crafting Speed
+2 Crafting Skill
-40 Durability

Tool Engraving Kit - Silver is an Alchemy craftable item. It adds an enchantment to a crafting tool.


Crafting the Alchemy recipe Tool Engraving Kit - Silver
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Required Skill
Alchemy 5

Mortar and Pestle Mortar and Pestle x 1
Silver Ingot Silver Ingot x 2
Mandrake Root Mandrake Root x 10

Tool Engraving Kit - Silver Tool Engraving Kit - Silver x 1

Lastseen: R44
Mortar and PestleSilver IngotMandrake Root

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