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Location: Longfall
First Seen: Episode 1

Aerie is situated on the tip of the Longfall penninsula, surrounded by prairies and swamps. It is the City of Truth, a scholarly place, rich in trade, and heavily reliant on wind power.[1]

In the era of the Blade of the Avatar novella, Aerie is overseen by a Guild Council. The Master of the Council of Arie at this time is Count Ekard. The city is located west of Etceter.


  • In the East, a central square of shops can be found, along with the Titan of Truth, while Castle Aerie always looms in the background. The Northern, most affluent district contains Castle Aerie and its grounds, as well as a central square with shops. Different areas of the city will have a distinct “feel” in representation of the inhabitant’s social class.[1] The east features many windmills that help power the homes of Aerie. The Port of Aerie, a hub for commerce and trade, the largest port this side of the Blackblade Mountains.
  • The South is the site of another town square surrounded by farms and pastures. The Warehouse District/Slums of Aerie, home to some of the hardworking peasant class some of which can barely afford to put a roof over their heads. The other side of the spectrum compared to Aerie’s most northern and affluent district on the shadows of Castle Aerie.[2]

Housing Lots[edit]

Aerie Lot Details
Total Player Lots: 73
Inner City: Outer City: Water:
Row: 31 Row:
Village: 25 Village: Village: 7
Town: 5 Town: Town:
City: 2 City: City: 1
Duke Keep: 1 Duke Keep: Duke Keep: 1
LotM Castle: 1 LotM Castle: LotM Castle: 1

Points of Interest[edit]

Public Workstations[edit]

See: Crafting Pavilion

Citizens (NPCs)[edit]

Notable Merchants[edit]


See: Player Vendors

Crown Merchants[edit]

Notable Services[edit]



Creature Hit Points Damage Adv Exp Gold Loot
Watcher Unknown Unknown Unknown Gold.png 0


Resource Node Craft Exp Skill Yield
Pumpkin Patch Unknown ForagingForage icon.png Pumpkin Pumpkin (0-1)



  • Inspiration for Aerie came from chatting with Richard and other Devs about the strategic and geographical importance of coastal cities.
  • Release 44 includes polishing the visuals for three of the towns you visit along the Path of Truth: Aerie, Vertas, and Jaanaford. Each of these towns is getting updated to include more color (especially blue, the color of Truth), more visuals related to Truth (books, libraries, statues of the Titan of Truth, etc.), and general polish (terrain, foliage, etc.). Aerie Castle has been rebuilt with a full interior and now stands as a prominent landmark to the city. As Aerie is the City of Truth we made sure to accentuate the color blue throughout the city, every district has now taken on its own color palette, all of which include blue.


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