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Community:Islands of Wonders

Town Data
Name: Islands of Wonders
Leader: Duchess Soleidad
Established: 2014/08/06
Biome: Unknown
Size: 50400 m2
Avatars: 14
NPCs: Unknown
PvP: Player Select
Roleplay: Casual
Location: PaxLair
Coordinates: 261.8, 11.7, 109.4
Islands of Wonders

Islands of Wonder home to the 4B Guild and the magnificent mazes and displays they make. It is interconnected with Caelestis Canton.

Actual lots assigned Count[edit]

Requests for housing in this neighborhood of PaxLair should be directed to 4B , We will update this with current information soon

  • Keep - 1/1
  • City - 4/11
  • Town - 0/8
  • Village - 1/15
  • Row - 0/4

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