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Community:PaxLair/Release 12

See the SotA Thread: Building PaxLair Player Town - Release 12

Housing Plan[edit]

During the Releases, PaxLair people work together to set up various houses for different functions. This changes from Release to Release so more ideas can be tested. As such, several people are needed to place houses and provide others with permissions to decorate and use the house for the Release. This has worked very well in previous Releases and this page provides the plan for this Release.

This plan may change up right up to the Release. Please reach Winfield with questions and comments.

Anyone may own the house and place it. Just add the people listed below as trustees, and then the decorator person(s) can work on the house decorations.


Establishment Lot# Lot Size House Type Decorator Notes
Church of the Dark Star 20 Town Benefactor Lord Town Home Amber Raine (GoldenWing)
Town Hall 21 Village Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Great Hall Village Home Winfield
Farm 22 Village Empty Lot Greenhouse, Craft Area, etc.
Tavern 23 Village Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Balcony Village Home Decorate as a pub. Add a basement if possible
Cemetery 24 Village Empty Lot Cemetery
Order Tower 25 Village Founder Knight Village Home
Barracks 26 Village Village Pavilion
Furniture and Decoration Company 27 Town Lord Marshal Great Hall Gaelis and Soleidad
Theater 28 Village Empty Lot Winfield and Eternal Knight Make open air Stage
Arena 29 Town Empty Lot Winfield Add arena basement

Trustee Permission List[edit]

Most of these character names should exist from Release to Release; some may change though. If you place a house as described above, or other house you wish to add the the housing list, please add the following as trustees to your house:

Character Name (in game)
Amber Raine
CelestialKnight OoV
Eternal Knight
Gaelis Trajan
Grimlar PaxLair
Kharlin PaxLair
Phoenix PaxLair
Sean PaxLair
Town Drunk
Gypsy Mary

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