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The Theater in PaxLair is a cultural gathering place for theatrical performances, large meetings, guest speakers, and conferences. Established in Release 7.


The PaxLair Theater is the main facility for large, organized gatherings with a stage and benches for the audience.



The theater was located on lots #29 and #41 in Valemark during the Release (R7).


Notable Events and Performances[edit]

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  • June 29, 2014 - Lord British's "Tale of the Centaurs and Fawns of New Britannia" at Matthew Garbett's stage.
"200 years ago the Obsidian Sorcerers, brought into existence the Fawns...
"But, since they were useful, except too passive, they also created Centaurs! To enslave and drive the Fawns...
"To this day, one can see poor fawns being driven by the whip of their unhappy masters. There is one Fawn...
"Perry the Unchained! Perry is the ONE who may be able to lead them from enslavement! But, that is a story for YOU to discover...
"for YOU to play YOUR part in!"
*Lord British bows*


The theater is manually constructed with crafted items such as benches and tables, then decorated with carpets, lighting, and props.

Stage at Sunset Rock behind Town Drunk Tavern


The PaxLair Theater started construction in pre-Alpha Release 7. Matthew Garbett amazed people with his design in front of a row house in the Middle Meadow in Valemark. Lord British visited Matthew Garbett's stage and recited ... The Town Drunk made another stage behind his tavern which was used for the PaxLair town meeting.

Construction during Pre-Alpha Releases[edit]

Release 7[edit]

During the building of PaxLair in Release 7, the theater stage was built in two locations:

  • Matthew Garbett's row house
  • Town Drunk Tavern

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