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Community:PaxLair/Sunset Rock

The Sunset Rock in PaxLair (Valemark) is a geographical wonder. It is a flat, large rock on a cliff in the middle of the town where people can stand, face west, and watch the sunset. It is behind a town-sized lot offering a breathtaking view of that lot. It is a well-known place for hanging out and enjoying a bit of peace in this busy realm.

Sunsetrock winfield lordbritish.jpg

Winfield and Lord British atop Sunset Rock during Release 6.


Sunset Rock located just west of lot #29 in the Upper Meadow of Valemark. It was originally surveyed by the cartographer Ashlynn of PaxLair.



Sunset Rock was first named in Release 6 in Valemark when PaxLair built its town there. Sunset Rock was behind the Town Drunk Tavern and the Tavern of the Last Home. Governor Winfield showed Lord British the Sunset Rock with Lord British nodding in approval. Lord British said it was the first geographical feature named by players in New Britannia.


It is wonderful to capture the images of people on Sunset Rock. Feel free to add more here to the gallery!

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