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Guild Data
Name: Prism
Prism Arms
Established: 2016/01/01
Members: Unknown
PvP: Casual
Playstyle: RP-PvX
Roleplay: Casual
Location: Community:Diamond_Fields


Prism is a guild comprised of LGBT persons and other forward thinking members of the Shroud of the Avatar community who wish to promote mutual respect, communication, positivity, and service both in their lives and in their gaming.


What does the name mean?[edit]

The name Prism was chosen because we are all the same going into a prism, but it is our diversity coming out that is reflected in the world around us. (it is also a pretty rainbow and pink floyd fans like it, and a diamond is very sparkly and Diamond Fields is our capitol lol)


Prism will be one of the guilds that are a part of the Phoenix Republic. A placeholder guild under the leadership of Tomyris/Lace has been formed. Depending on the community at large, we are tentatively scheduled to relocate to that guild around the time of the April wipe in preparation for the final wipe on July 28th 2016. This is to make communication, testing and coordination with our brother and sister guilds a bit easier prior to final wipe.

We will remain part of the Phoenix Republic Guild until those 3 months before the final wipe. The player owned town of Diamond Fields will host the first guild hall, with Siren Song Bayou and Bearskin Grotto available for additional housing and events.

Guild Website[edit]

This website is new, but is accessible from Prism Home Page

Core Values[edit]

Respect, Communication, Positivity and Service

Respect is one of our underlying precepts. Respect not only your guild mates, but yourself and all those you encounter. You don't have to agree, but keep in mind it is not what you say, but how you say it.

Communication can avert misunderstandings, lead to friendships, and enhance the overall health of the guild. Never be afraid to speak up about your opinions, but keep it respectful.

Positivity is one of the hardest things to embrace fully, we have all woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Communication in a positive way demonstrates respect for the feelings of others and can often times transform the mindset of a person going through a hard time.

Being of service is a privilege rather than a requirement in Prism. Taking the time to offer a smile and communicate with a stranger shows respect to them and helps make New Brittania a better place.

Events Past, Present and Future[edit]

Prism has hosted events such as Brittania's next Top Model where a fashion show via emotes, clothing (before we had dyes) was used to crown the winner on the first catwalk built in the game. Swag bags of many types of craftables were handed out to the spectators along with a photo op for guests arriving on the red carpet. In addition, fastest decorator in the west was another event held where 10 rooms inside an Adobe-style city sized lot was used and 1000 decoration items were placed within the property and our decorators had 30 minutes to decorate a room.

The New Brittania Breast Cancer awareness Biathlon was another event Prism held and gave out Pink Coconut Bras for the event and helped prepare the community for the elimination of the /stuck and /zone command. A Putt Putt Golf Course was constructed for R27 and, upon subsequent wipes including the final wipe, this will become a permanent staple of this POT.

Upcoming events include the New Brittania Gladiators event, which will reuse the golf course and have racers that are stymied by volunteer gladiators out to slow them down. While PVP will be enabled between those parties, it is a non-death-match event. Also planned for R29 is the Bear, the Bare, and the Maiden Faire event which spectators must come dressed as a bear (the bear head mask), bare (in their skivies), or as a maiden (bodices, dresses, etc. for all genders), the Faire part is where the Nomadic Merchants Association will hold its first event which allows merchants from all over to gather for one weekend in one locale for a one-stop-shopping opportunity.

More events will come, along with the scheduling of repeat events for those that have been play-tested during pre-alpha. You can always reach out to @Lace on the shroud forums for more information.

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