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Oracle Colossus

Oracle Colossus
SotA SplashArt LavaRuins.jpg
Difficulty: Zonetier.pngZonetier.pngZonetier.pngZonetier.pngZonetier.png
Location: South Paladis
First Seen: Episode 1

The Oracle Colossus is named after the large statue, which some claim to be an early depiction of the Oracle.

The ruins within the scene are the formerly the city of Alabastia, also known as the City of the Sky.




  • SPOILERS: One of the crucial scenes of the Finale part of the plot, aka The Path of the Oracle, is the Oracle Colossus.
  • This area first appeared in Release 28.
  • The uncloned Oracle Colossus should be available in Release 42 or 43.




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