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Portalarium ran a Recruit-A-Friend program from August 2013 through December 2, 2014.

For every single new backer that you recruited that pledged at the $45 Adventure Level (or higher), you received a $25 recruitment bonus added to your pledge amount (Note that these recruitment bonuses only apply toward increasing your pledge level and do not apply toward items in the Add-On Store)! In addition to the $25 recruitment bonus you received for every single new backer you recruit, you also received rewards[1].


  • $25 Pledge Credit added to your Current Pledge for each referral![1]


To be eligible for these recruitment rewards and bonuses you must have be a SotA backer at least at the First Responder Level ($25) or higher. When your new recruit pledged at the $45 Adventure level (or higher) they would be prompted to enter the email address of the backer that recruited them.[1].

The recruitment program has now ended, and these rewards are no longer available.[3]


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