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Backer refers to players who help support the development of Shroud of the Avatar by making a pledge. There are currently two types of Backers:

As part of the Early Founder Pledge Promotion, Early Founders who wish to act as patrons to their family, friends, guildmates, or members of the Shroud of the Avatar community can purchase a pledge as a gift for helping out others to become Founders until April 7, 2014.[1]

There are also Miscellaneous Rewards and an Add-On Store available. Backing should not be confused with shopping the Add-On Store.

When backing SotA you are financially supporting the game and joining in the crowd-source funding model they operate within. Backers can increase their Pledge tiers with the Recruiting bonuses or by upgrading. Backing gives you special in-game rewards and at some levels includes physical rewards as well. To view the rewards available and costs to pledge please click on the Benefactor link.

How to back SotA

New Accounts

  1. Register your account by going to and clicking on the "login or create account" link from their site.
  2. Check your email and confirm the registration.
  3. Once you are registered set your password to something you can remember (same profile page you default to, go to the bottom).
  4. Go back to and click on the "Pledge!" link after selecting your payment types.
  5. Enter your First and Last name. Your email should already be filled out for you. IF IT IS NOT YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN!
  6. Select the level you would like to pledge.
  7. Enter your payment information.
  8. Confirm your purchase.

Upgrade Pledge

Main article: Pledge Upgrade
  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Click "upgrade" next to your pledge level after selecting desired upgrade method.
  3. Select desired pledge you want to end your upgrade with.
  4. Enter Payment information.
  5. Confirm your purchase.

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