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Add-On Store

The Add-On Store is where you can purchase Digital Items for your avatar and show your support for the game. Visit the Add-On Store here:

Notice to Backers: The purchases made in the Add-On Store do not count toward upgrading for your Pledge Tier[1].

Make a Difference Store[edit]

The Make a Difference Store is where you can purchase Digital Items for your avatar and show your support for your preferred charity. Visit the Make a Difference Store here:

Additionally, items in the Add-On Store marked with the Virtue symbol also benefit Make a Difference charities.

Black Sun Store[edit]

Add-On Store items can be purchased using Russian rubles from the SotA-Game Shop here:


The following items are available in the Add-On Store:

ItemRegular Price
2017 4-Story Yule Tree20
2017 Banded Turkey10
2017 Cornucopia10
2017 Fall Wreath10
2017 Large Yule Tree20
2017 Menorah10
2017 Ornate Garlands Mega Pack40
2017 Ornate Mantle Garlands 12-Pack12
2017 Ornate Snow Family35
2017 Ornate Wall Garlands 12-Pack20
2017 Ornate Yule Wreaths 3-Pack20
2017 Small Ornate Wall Garlands 12-Pack15
2017 Snowman Mask with Stovepipe Hat10
2017 Tabletop Yule Tree5
2017 Yule Card 5-Pack5
2017 Yule Gift Boxes 3-Pack20
2017 Yule Gift Set38
2017 Yule Stockings 3-Pack20
2017 Yule Tree10
4-Story Viking Row House100
5-Piece One-Man Band30
Account Services Vouchers25
Adobe 2-Story with 3-Level Terrace Village Home80
Adobe Brick 2-Story Keep with Courtyard City Home200
Adobe Stables50
Adobe with Roof Access Village Home50
Agriculture Sign 9-Pack30
Air Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Alchemy Sign 9-Pack30
Ancient Columned City Home600
Ancient Vase 3-Pack5
Ancient Wall Sculptures Set5
Ancients Set15
Ancients Tabletop Set15
Arabella Leather Armor & Cloak40
Arabella Leather Armor Pattern Pack40
Ardoris Guard Armor20
Ardoris Guard Armor Pattern Pack25
Ardoris Priestess Outfit20
Ardoris Priestess Outfit Pattern Pack15
Ardoris Shogun Armor20
Ardoris Shogun Armor Pattern Pack25
Armor & Weapon Sign 9-Pack30
Armor Sign 9-Pack30
Assassin's Armor32
Assassin's Armor Pattern Pack48
Automated 8-Cylinder Phonograph60
Azalea Bush 6-Pack10
Ballet Outfit with Ballet Emotes20
Bamboo Tree 6-Pack10
Bank Sign 9-Pack30
Bank Upgrade5
Bear Mask15
Beige Inlaid Marble Roadway Pavers75
Bell Tower100
Black Butterfly Mask10
Black Cat10
Black Clockwork Armor20
Black Clockwork Armor Pattern Pack25
Black Elder Bush 6-Pack10
Black Feather Wings10
Black Leather Chesterfield Sofa & Chair12
Blacksmith Sign 9-Pack30
Blade Sign 9-Pack30
Blade of the Avatar/Sword of Midras15
Blank Sign 9-Pack30
Bludgeon Sign 9-Pack30
Blue Glowing Mushroom 3-Pack14
Blue Spruce Tree 6-Pack10
Blue Tile Roof 4-Story Row House100
Bolton Maroon Leather Chesterfield Sofa & Chair12
Bone White Marble Pavers26
Bone White Marble Roadway Pavers75
Bonnet Top Grandfather Clock10
Book Seller Sign 9-Pack30
Brass Clockwork Cat20
Brass Clockwork Raven20
Brass Wall Clock10
Breathe Blue Fire Emote8
Breathe Emote 6-Pack25
Breathe Fire Emote8
Breathe Fire Ring Emote8
Breathe Flowers Emote8
Breathe Snow Emote8
Breathe Sparkles Emote8
Brown Bowler Hat10
Brown Bowler Hat Pattern Pack6
Brown Bycocket Hat10
Brown Bycocket Hat Pattern Pack6
Brown Highwayman Hat10
Brown Highwayman Hat Pattern Pack6
Brown Plague Doctor Hat10
Brown Plague Doctor Hat Pattern Pack6
Brown Plague Doctor Mask10
Brown Plague Doctor Mask Pattern Pack6
Brown Steampunk Goggles10
Brown Top Hat10
Brown Top Hat Pattern Pack6
Brown Tricorn Hat10
Brown Tricorn Hat Pattern Pack6
Burled Wood Antique Furniture Set72
Burled Wood Mantle Clock10
Butcher Sign 9-Pack30
Carpenter Sign 9-Pack30
Carved Decoration Fountain10
Castle Stone & Timber Split-Level 5-Story Basement90
Castle Stone 5-Story Basement90
Castle Stone Arena Basement150
Chained Obsidian Shard100
Chaos Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Checkered Maple Parquet Pavers15
Checkers Set30
Chess Set30
Cinereous Stone 2-Tier Outdoor Pedestal Fountain10
City Stone & Timber Split-Level 5-Story Basement70
City Stone 5-Story Basement70
City Stone Arena Basement40
Clock Complete Set66
Clothing Sign 9-Pack30
Cobblestone Roadway Pavers75
Cobblestone Walkway Pavers65
Combat Sigil Fur Cloak10
Combat Sigil Set15
Combat Sigil Tapestry14
Combat Sign 9-Pack30
Common Aspen Tree 6-Pack10
Common Linden Tree 6-Pack10
Cook Sign 9-Pack30
Cordovan Flute7
Cordovan Harp7
Cordovan Lute7
Cordovan Maple Inlaid Drum7
Cordovan Ornate Street Organ7
Corinthian Columns Set10
Countach - An Album Cover15
Countach Package50
Countach Phonograph20
Countach Pink Dye 12-Pack10
Countach Wax Cylinders15
Coyote Gray Cobblestone Pavers11
Crafting Sigil Fur Cloak10
Crafting Sigil Set15
Crafting Sigil Tapestry14
Crown Top Grandfather Clock10
Dark Rough Stone Building Blocks 110-Pack15
Dark Stone Spiked Castle Wall150
Dark Stone Spiked Ladder Castle Wall150
Darkstarr Blood Reliquary Bundle6,000
Darkstarr Follicular Reliquary Bundle14,000
Darkstarr Fur Collared Cloak30
Darkstarr Shield25
Darkstarr Shield Pattern Pack6
Dead Tree 6-Pack5
Dead Tree with Spider Webs 6-Pack5
Death Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Diagonal Muntin Wall Light 3-Pack10
Doctor's Outfit20
Doctor's Outfit Pattern Pack25
Double Smoke Heart Emote5
Double Smoke Ring Emote8
Dragon Handle Maplewood Cane10
Dragon Mask15
Dungeon Iron Cage5
Dungeon Iron Cage with Skeleton5
Durham Gray Leather Chesterfield Sofa & Chair12
Dye Remover 12-Pack12
Earth Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Edwards Natural Leather Chesterfield Sofa & Chair12
Elaborate Tiara10
Elven 3-Story with Dual Cabanas Town Water Home250
Elven Elite Archer Armor48
Elven Elite Archer Armor Pattern Pack50
Elven Elite Fighter Armor40
Elven Elite Fighter Armor Pattern Pack50
Elven Elite Mage Armor40
Elven Elite Mage Armor Pattern Pack50
Elven Peaked-Roof Village Home50
Elven Village Home50
Elven Village Inn200
Epic Bamboo Tree50
Epic Blue Spruce Tree50
Epic Common Aspen Tree50
Epic Common Linden Tree50
Epic Dead Tree50
Epic Fountain Palm Tree50
Epic Juniper Topiary Tree50
Epic Juniper Tree50
Epic Puzzle Tree60
Epic Webbed Dead Tree50
Epic Yellow Cedar Tree50
Exodus by Helen Garriott15
Fairy Wings15
Fallow Granite Pavers23
Fallow Granite Roadway Pavers75
Fancy Riding Outfit15
Fancy Riding Outfit Pattern Pack18
Field Dressing Sign 9-Pack30
Fine Oak Furniture Set40
Fine Red Upholstered Furniture Set48
Fine White and Gold Upholstered Furniture Set48
Fire Dance Spin Emote8
Fire Dance Wheel Emote8
Fire Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Fireworks 45-Piece Assortment 25
Fireworks 48-Piece Assortment 45
Fishing Sign 9-Pack30
Flechier Tapestry Formal Suit15
Flechier Tapestry Formal Suit Pattern Pack24
Forestry Sign 9-Pack30
Fountain Palm Tree 6-Pack10
Gallows with Skeleton10
Game Early Access40
Gathering Sign 9-Pack30
General Crafting Sign 9-Pack30
General Store Sign 9-Pack30
Geometric Stained Glass Chandelier 3-Pack14
Geometric Stained Glass Oil Floor Lamp 3-Pack7
Geometric Stained Glass Oil Table Lamp 3-Pack7
Giant Bone White Marble Pavers50
Giant Checkered Maple Parquet Pavers30
Giant Coyote Gray Cobblestone Pavers20
Giant Fallow Granite Pavers44
Giant Grim Reaper Statue80
Giant Guardian Lion Statue30
Giant Horse Statue50
Giant Lich Statue50
Giant Ornate Porcelain Vase4
Giant Polished Beige Inlaid Marble Pavers50
Giant Polished Midnight Black Marble Pavers50
Giant Umber Gray Ceramic Pavers36
Gift Boxes 3-Pack Assortment 125
Gilded Wall Clock10
Glowing Mushroom Pack70
Gold Crown of the Obsidians5
Golden Eagle15
Gondola Dry Dock Decoration5
Gondola Water Decoration5
Gothic Mansion 3-Story with Widow's Walk Village Home200
Gothic Village Inn200
Grandfather Clock Set24
Gray Picket Fence18
Green Glowing Mushroom 3-Pack14
Green Leaf Box Hedge Fence21
Grey Great Dane10
Guild Sign 9-Pack30
Hand Painted Dark Maple Coffee Table8
Haunted Gothic Village Inn200
Heavy Armor Sign 9-Pack30
Horse Statue20
Hospital Decorations Set50
Hospital Mega Set140
Hospital Sign 9-Pack17
Hospital Wearables Set90
Hospitaller Sign 9-Pack30
Ice Nightmare Mask10
Inn Sign 9-Pack30
Ionic Columns Set10
Isabelline Stone 2-Tier Outdoor Fountain20
Ivy Covered Stone Fence18
Jabbering Bertha5
Juggle Clubs Emote8
Juggle Emote 7-Pack30
Juggle Knives Emote8
Juggle Lights Emote8
Juggle Pink Lights Emote10
Juggle Rings Emote8
Juggle Torches Emote8
Juggle Wisps Emote8
Juniper Topiary Tree 6-Pack10
Juniper Tree 6-Pack10
Keep Stone & Timber Split-Level 5-Story Basement80
Keep Stone 5-Story Basement80
Keep Stone Arena Basement50
Kobold 2-Story with Rooftop Deck Village Home100
Kobold 3-Story Tower Village Home70
Kobold 3-Story with Left Alcove Row Home80
Kobold 3-Story with Open Deck Town Home200
Kobold 3-Story with Right Alcove Row Home80
Kobold 4-Story Great Hall City Home700
Kobold Clockwork Wings15
Kobold Corkscrew Wind Power Generator20
Kobold Dual Spire Village Home60
Kobold Dwelling Village Home50
Kobold Indoor Toilet20
Kobold Ornate Four Poster Twin Bed8
Kobold Ornate Steam Radiator5
Kobold Red Velvet with Nailheads Bench5
Kobold Red Velvet with Nailheads Chair4
Kobold Rotunda Gazebo25
Kobold Spiked Streetlamp 6-Pack30
Kobold Steel & Stone Fence25
Kobold Tiled Long Dining Table7
Kobold Tiled Square Dining Table4
Kobold Wind Power Generator20
Large Guardian Lion Statue25
Large Ornate Cast Iron Fireplace 4-Pack25
Large Ornate Cast Iron Fireplace 9-Pack30
Large Ornate Cordovan Harp7
Large Ornate Porcelain Vase4
Large Ornate Stone & Wood Fireplace 4-Pack25
Large Ornate Stone & Wood Fireplace 9-Pack30
Large Ornate Stone Fireplace 4-Pack25
Large Ornate Stone Fireplace 9-Pack30
Large Stone Ruins25
Leather Clockwork Wings15
Leather Guard Armor16
Lich Statue20
Life Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Light Armor Sign 9-Pack30
Longboat Water Decoration10
Lord British Blood Reliquary Bundle6,000
Lord British Follicular Reliquary Bundle14,000
Lord British Fur Collared Cloak30
Lord British Original Shroud Cloth Map Prototype Bundle14,000
Lord British Shield25
Lord British Shield Pattern Pack6
Lord British vs Darkstarr Battle Banner30
Magic Sigil Fur Cloak10
Magic Sigil Set15
Magic Sigil Tapestry14
Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Magical Black Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Black Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Black Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Blue Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Blue Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Blue Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Cycling Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Green Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Green Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Green Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Orange Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Orange Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Orange Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Purple Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Purple Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Purple Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Red Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Red Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Red Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Magical White Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical White Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical White Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Yellow Glowing Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Yellow Glowing Pulse Dye 12-Pack12
Magical Yellow Sparkle Dye 12-Pack12
Male Elf Mask10
Maple Parquet Roadway Pavers75
Medium Stone Ruins20
Milling Sign 9-Pack30
Mining Sign 9-Pack30
Moon Magic Sign 9-Pack30
Moustache Cloak15
Moustache Helm15
Moustache Helm Pattern Pack8
Music Sign 9-Pack30
Natural Pine Privacy Fence33
Nobles Set15
Nobles Tabletop Set15
Nurse's Outfit17
Nurse's Outfit Pattern Pack24
Oak & Glass Display Cabinet10
Obsidian Chandelier 3-Pack14
Obsidian Floor Lamp 3-Pack10
Obsidian Stone Fence60
Obsidian Streetlamp 6-Pack30
Obsidian Tower Town Home170
Obsidian Tower Town Water Home375
Obsidian Tower Village Home120
Obsidian Tower Village Water Home315
Obsidian Village Inn200
Obsidian Wall Light 3-Pack10
Oktoberfest Banner10
Orange Glowing Mushroom 3-Pack14
Ornate Automated 16-Cylinder Phonograph90
Ornate Backpack5
Ornate Bagpipes7
Ornate Basket Hilt Sword15
Ornate Basket Hilt Sword Pattern Pack6
Ornate Bastard Sword30
Ornate Bastard Sword Pattern Pack12
Ornate Bone Chimes10
Ornate Brass Numbers10
Ornate Buckled Cross Hatched Gambeson16
Ornate Buckled Cross Hatched Gambeson Pattern Pack20
Ornate Bulletin Board20
Ornate Carmine Wooden Fence23
Ornate Cast Iron Fireplace 4-Pack25
Ornate Cast Iron Fireplace 9-Pack30
Ornate Chainsword Pattern Pack6
Ornate Circlet8
Ornate Clock Tower100
Ornate Dagger15
Ornate Dagger Pattern Pack6
Ornate Dining Mega Pack20
Ornate Doublet16
Ornate Doublet Pattern Pack20
Ornate Elven Mage Staff15
Ornate Elven Mage Staff Pattern Pack6
Ornate Fan 4-Pack20
Ornate Feather Fan7
Ornate Floral Kimono20
Ornate Floral Kimono Pattern Pack25
Ornate Gazebo30
Ornate Giant Grim Reaper Statue100
Ornate Glaive15
Ornate Glaive Pattern Pack6
Ornate Gothic Fan7
Ornate Grand Piano30
Ornate Greenhouse 4-Story Row House200
Ornate Gustball Field35
Ornate Hanging Potted Azalea 3-Pack10
Ornate Hanging Potted Ivy 3-Pack10
Ornate Hanging Potted Mega Pack24
Ornate Hanging Potted Sword Plant 3-Pack10
Ornate Head Bandage12
Ornate Head Bandage Pattern Pack25
Ornate Hospital Bed10
Ornate Hospital Cloth Room Dividers7
Ornate Hospital Gown15
Ornate Hospital Gown Pattern Pack8
Ornate IV Stand7
Ornate Iron & Glass Wall Light 3-Pack10
Ornate Iron Streetlamp30
Ornate Iron Wall Light 3-Pack10
Ornate Keep Moondial1,050
Ornate Kettle Drum7
Ornate Kimono20
Ornate Kimono Pattern Pack25
Ornate Kitchen Set14
Ornate Kitchen Wall Rack8
Ornate Kobold Backpack10
Ornate Kobold Chainsword15
Ornate Leather Quiver10
Ornate Long Kilt10
Ornate Long Kilt Pattern Pack6
Ornate Marching Band Shirt & Hat15
Ornate Marching Band Shirt & Hat Pattern Pack12
Ornate Meerschaum Titan of Courage Pipe15
Ornate Meerschaum Titan of Love Pipe15
Ornate Meerschaum Titan of Truth Pipe15
Ornate Meerschaum Wolf Pipe15
Ornate Metal Dragon Pipe15
Ornate Metal Phonograph25
Ornate Metal Pipe10
Ornate Moondial40
Ornate Norgard Fan7
Ornate Oak Panel Wardrobe10
Ornate Outhouse20
Ornate Pillory20
Ornate Pipe 8-Pack65
Ornate Porcelain 6-Pack8
Ornate Porcelain Regalis Brittany Bierkrug14
Ornate Post & Rope Water Fence Set20
Ornate Post-Mounted Mailbox14
Ornate Prison Cage20
Ornate Public Cache Chest30
Ornate Red & Gold Filigree Harpsichord15
Ornate River Stone Fence41
Ornate Runic Letters Set32
Ornate Rusted Iron Fence23
Ornate Saltglaze Drachvald Eastmarch Bierkrug14
Ornate Satyr Bardiche15
Ornate Satyr Bardiche Pattern Pack6
Ornate Shogun Room Divider 3-Pack7
Ornate Short Kilt10
Ornate Short Kilt Pattern Pack6
Ornate Silverware 6-Pack8
Ornate Sled10
Ornate Sleigh10
Ornate Stone & Wood Fireplace 4-Pack25
Ornate Stone & Wood Fireplace 9-Pack30
Ornate Stone Fireplace 4-Pack25
Ornate Stone Fireplace 9-Pack30
Ornate Street Signs 6-Pack20
Ornate Surgical Tray with Instruments7
Ornate Table Setting 6-Pack8
Ornate Tabletop Moondial20
Ornate Taming Sign 9-Pack30
Ornate Tile Hot Tub15
Ornate Triskelion Fan7
Ornate Two-Story Shogun Crafting Pavilion100
Ornate Umbrella10
Ornate Viking Short Sword30
Ornate Viking Short Sword Pattern Pack12
Ornate Vile Halberd Pattern Pack6
Ornate Village Moondial500
Ornate Wall Mailbox10
Ornate Wall Mirror8
Ornate Water Platform30
Ornate Wealthy Merchant Outfit20
Ornate Wealthy Merchant Outfit Pattern Pack20
Ornate Wheelchair10
Ornate Wooden 2-Tier Oval Display Table15
Ornate Wooden Display Table8
Ornate Wooden Four Poster Canopy Bed8
Ornate Wooden Hot Tub15
Ornate Wooden Pipe10
Ornate Wooden Skull Pipe15
… further results

ItemOriginal Price
2014 Tabletop Yule Tree5
2015 4-Story Yule Tree50
2015 Holly Wreath with Candles Hat10
2015 Menorah10
2015 Replenishing Snowball Box10
2015 Tabletop Yule Tree5
2015 Winter Holiday Bundle50
2015 Winter Holiday Decoration Bundle65
2015 Winter Holiday Fireworks Bundle25
2015 Yule Hat10
2015 Yule Tree10
2016 4-Story Yule Tree50
2016 Cornucopia10
2016 Cupid Ensemble20
2016 Cupid Heart Cloak10
2016 Grim Reaper Mask10
2016 Grim Reaper Statue15
2016 Jack-o-Lantern 6-Pack10
2016 Jack-o-Lantern Glowing Mask10
2016 Jack-o-Lantern Mask10
2016 Large Yule Tree20
2016 Menorah10
2016 Ornate Scarecrow10
2016 Ornate Snow Family35
2016 Replenishing Birthday Cake10
2016 Rotten Armor20
2016 Rotten Flesh Cloak10
2016 Snowman with Stovepipe Hat Mask10
2016 Speckled Turkey10
2016 Spooky Decoration Pack55
2016 Spooky Decoration Re-Pack65
2016 Spooky Emote 8-Pack35
2016 Spooky Mask Pack40
2016 Spooky Pet Pack40
2016 Spooky Soundtrack – Wax Cylinders15
2016 Spooky Wearable Pack50
2016 Spooky Wearable Re-Pack45
2016 Tabletop Yule Tree5
2016 Valentine Bundle35
2016 Valentine Card 5-Pack5
2016 Valentine Hearts Cloak10
2016 Winter Fireworks Bundle25
2016 Winter Holiday Decoration Pack65
2016 Winter Holiday Gift Pack40
2016 Winter Holiday Pack40
2016 Winter Holiday Soundtrack – Wax Cylinders15
2016 Yule Gift Boxes 3-Pack20
2016 Yule Stockings 3-Pack20
2016 Yule Tree10
2016 Yule Wreath 3-Pack20
2017 Easter Basket10
2017 Headless Horseman Grim Reaper Statue35
2017 Jack-o-Lantern 6-Pack10
2017 Jack-o-Lantern Glowing Mask10
2017 Jack-o-Lantern Mask10
2017 Large Headless Horseman Grim Reaper Statue75
2017 Lepus Mask10
2017 Ornate Scythe20
2017 Ornate Scythe Pattern Pack12
2017 Rabbit Tailed Bodice Ensemble10
2017 Replenishing Lord British Birthday Cake10
2017 Spooky Decoration Re-Pack55
2017 Spooky Wearable Re-Pack50
2017 Valentine Card 5-Pack5
2017 Valentine Gift Boxes 3-Pack20
4-Pack of Prosperity35
6-More Pack of Prosperity50
6-Pack of Prosperity50
Adobe 2-Story Village Home80
Adobe 2-Story with Patio & Balcony Village Home80
Adobe 2-Story with Upper Deck Village Home80
Adobe Brick 2-Story with Roof Access Village Home80
Aeronaut Hot Air Balloon Pack110
Aeronaut Wearable Pack30
Aether Vibration Amplifier Console30
Airship City Home700
Axe of Prosperity15
Barn 2-Story Village Home90
Battle Banner30
Black & Chrome Ornate Aeronaut Outfit20
Black & Chrome Ornate Aeronaut Outfit Pattern Pack24
Black Squirrel10
Blackened Metal Baby Clockwork Dragon30
Blade of the Avatar Cloak15
Blade of the Avatar/Sword of Midras15
Blue Tile Roof 2-Story Row House80
Blue Tile Roof 3-Story Row House90
Breathe Spiders Emote5
Brindle Greyhound10
Brown Chaperon Hat10
Brown Nomad Hat10
Brown Pilgrim Bonnet10
Brown Pilgrim Hat10
Cabinet of Virtues25
Carpentry Hammer of Prosperity15
City Lot Property Deed2,100
Cleaver of Prosperity15
Collector's Coin25
Combat Sigil Cloak15
Combat Sigil T-shirt25
Cooking Pot of Prosperity15
Crafting Sigil Cloak15
Crafting Sigil T-shirt25
Crossroads Village2,000
Cubit Measure of Prosperity15
Day of the Dead Colorful Mask10
Day of the Dead Colorful Mask with Top Hat10
Day of the Dead Colorful Mask with Veil10
Day of the Dead Mask10
Day of the Dead Mask 6-Pack45
Day of the Dead Mask with Top Hat10
Day of the Dead Mask with Veil10
Demon Wings15
Druid Town Home150
Elven Elder Archer Armor20
Elven Elder Archer Armor Pattern Pack20
Elven Elder Fighter Armor20
Elven Elder Fighter Armor Pattern Pack25
Elven Elder Mage Robe20
Elven Elder Mage Robe Pattern Pack12
Emperor Corwin's New Royal Crown10
Emperor Fitzwallen IV's New Gloves5
Emperor Julian II's New Royal Dress Trousers5
Emperor Valen's New Bespoke Tunic5
The Emperors' and Empresses' New Clothes Bundle40
Empress Christiana's New Knee-High High-Heeled Boots5
Empress Morganna's New Riding Cloak10
Empress Theodora's New Evening Dress10
Fireworks 45-Piece Assortment 15
Fireworks 45-Piece Assortment 35
Fishing Rod of Prosperity15
Ghost Cat10
Ghost Dog10
Ghost Raven10
Grim Reaper Mask15
Grim Reaper Statue15
Headless Mask10
Hoe of Prosperity15
Holiday Bundle50
Hot Air Balloon200
Hot Tub5
Ice Building Blocks 110-Pack15
Jack-o-Lantern 6-Pack10
Jack-o-Lantern Mask10
Jester Carnival Mask10
Juggle Jack-o-Lanterns5
Juggle Severed Arms Emote5
Juggle Severed Heads5
Juggle Skulls Emote8
Juggle Zombie Arms Emote5
Juggle Zombie Heads5
Kobold Archer Mask15
Kobold Fighter Mask15
Kobold Mage Mask15
Kobold Mask15
Kobold Mask 4-More Pack40
Kobold Mask 4-Pack40
Kobold Radiant Energy Capacitor20
Kobold Radiant Energy Coil20
Last Chance Hat 5-Pack40
Last Chance Town Home 2-Pack170
Last Chance Village Home 4-Pack195
Loom Shuttle of Prosperity15
Lord British Birthday Cake15
Lord British Cloak30
Lord British Silver Serpent Ornament250
Magic Sigil Cloak15
Magic Sigil T-shirt25
Mortar & Pestle of Prosperity15
Obsidian Order Cloak15
Oracle Cloak30
Oracle Statue Head20
Ornate Black Leather Aeronaut Helmet15
Ornate Black Leather Aeronaut Helmet Pattern Pack6
Ornate Brass Darklamp15
Ornate Cornucopia10
Ornate Flamberge 2-Handed Sword Pattern 6-Pack7
Ornate Skull Candle10
Ornate Snow Family35
Ornate Snowboy10
Ornate Snowgirl10
Ornate Snowman10
Ornate Snowwoman10
Ornate Spider Legs10
Ornate Vile Halberd15
Pickaxe of Prosperity15
Puke Blood Emote5
Rain Spiders Emote5
Red Fez Hat10
Replenishing 250-Piece Mystery Fireworks Box30
Replenishing Blue Rocket Fireworks Box15
Replenishing Confetti Eggs Basket15
Replenishing Green Rocket Fireworks Box15
Replenishing Red Ground Missile Fireworks Box15
Replenishing Red Rocket Fireworks Box15
Replenishing Snowball Box15
Replenishing Yellow Ground Missile Fireworks Box15
Replenishing Yellow Rocket Fireworks Box15
Rocket Fireworks 45-Piece Assortment5
Row Lot Property Deed100
Rustic 2-Story Village Home80
Rustic 2-Story with Balcony Village Home80
Rustic 2-Story with Loft Village Home80
Scissors of Prosperity15
Shingle-Roof Plaster Village Home50
Shingle-Roof Stone Village Home50
Shroud of the Avatar Soundtrack Volume 1 – Wax Cylinders15
Sickle of Prosperity15
Sigil Cloaks 3-Pack25
Silver Clockwork Armor20
Silver Clockwork Armor Pattern Pack25
Silver Serpent Necklace15
Skeleton 6-Pack15
Skinning Knife of Prosperity15
Smelting Tongs of Prosperity15
Smithing Hammer of Prosperity15
Spider Aggressive 3-Pack8
Spider Attack 3-Pack8
Spider Still 3-Pack8
Spider Web Cloak10
Spooky Decoration Bundle45
Spooky Wearable Bundle60
Spotted Rabbit10
Star Citizen Aeronaut Helmet Starter Bundle65
Star Citizen Airship City Home400
Stone Zombie Statue30
Taming Reindeer Call15
Tanning Knife of Prosperity15
Tower Town Home150
Tower Village Home100
Town Lot Property Deed900
Turkey Call15
Viking Village Home100
Village Lot Property Deed200
Village Pavilion80
Village Ring of Stones80
Vintage Blue Velvet with Nailheads Furniture Set24
Vintage Red Velvet with Nailheads Furniture Set24
White Lepus Mask10
White Rabbit15
White Reindeer10
White Turkey10
Windmill Village Home100
Winter Holiday Wreath10
Witch's Hat10
Wizard Tower Village Home100
Wood & Plaster 2-Story Village Home90
Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Balcony Town Home110
Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Balcony Village Home90
Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Front Porch Town Home90
Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Great Hall Village Home90
Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Overhang Village Home90
Wood & Plaster 3-Story Row House90
Wood & Plaster 3-Story with Open Floor Plan Village Home90
Woven Spider Web Cloak10
Yule Tree5
Yule Velvet Bodice Ensemble20
Zombie Cat10
Zombie Dog10
Zombie Mask15
Zombie One-Eyed Mask15
Zombie Raven10
Zombie Wings15


  1. FireLotus

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