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Chaos Magic

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Chaos Magic icon.png Chaos Magic: Disruption, High chance of fizzle and backfire (unpredictable effects).

"I would be quite careful with trying to tame the arts of chaos, but if that is what you truly seek, Eris the satyr can be found staring at... something in Etceter."

Chaos Skill Tree
Chaos AttunementConfusionChaos BoltJuxtaposeChaotic CloneTorpid TormentTabula RasaChaotic StepChaotic FeedbackSummon DaemonControl DaemonSotA Chaos Tree.png
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Chaos Bolt icon.pngChaos Bolt Very random effect bolt
Chaotic Clone icon.pngChaotic Clone Creates an illusionary copy of the caster to distract attackers
Chaotic Feedback icon.pngChaotic Feedback A powerful buff that increases the speed that spells and skills can be acquired and cast in combat with some painful side effects
Chaotic Step icon.pngChaotic Step Quickly teleport the user somewhere else
Confusion icon.pngConfusion Confuses a player for a short time
Control DaemonControl Daemon Controls a summoned demon to keep it from killing you
Juxtapose icon.pngJuxtapose Combo only spell that can result numerous contrasting results
Summon Daemon icon.pngSummon Daemon Summons a powerful Daemon that attacks everyone, including the caster
Tabula Rasa icon.pngTabula Rasa Instantly discard all glyphs and replace with new glyphs from deck. This spell is only effective against other players
Torpid Torment icon.pngTorpid Torment Debuff that does damage to target for each point of focus they expend
Chaos Attunement icon.pngChaos Attunement Increases the power of Chaos skills and resistance to negative Chaos effects. Attunement is increased by training active Chaos skills

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