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Skills Trainer

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Skills Trainer
Henry the Skill Trainer.png
Location: Braemar
First Seen: Episode 1

In order to change your skills you must visit a skill trainer. You can view your skills with (K) and when near a Skill Trainer you can left-click to level-up a skill or right-click to level-down a skill. Some skills can only be learned at specific trainers and top tier skills can only be learned at master trainers in specific cities. A couple skills require the completion of a quest. In the future, some skills will also be teachable.


  • Henry can be found in Braemar opposite the Braemar Inn and Tavern.
  • The skill trainer in Desolis is near the magic shard in the main town square next to the crafting merchant.
  • The skill trainer in Brittany Central is across the street from the crafting pavilion near the docks.

Advanced Trainer[edit]

High-level skills can only be learned from specialized trainers, who occasionally require the completion of quests before they will impart their knowledge. The following advanced skill trainers have been found:

Quest Spoiler
Skill                               Location

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